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Feb 1, 10:51 PM · from the mouth of Andy

So one of my self-enrichment projects of late has been to go through the “All Songs Considered” archives and catch myself up on the latest intellectual and esoteric new music. That’s where I found Yat-Kha

It’s indescribable – you have to hear it to believe it!

On an unrelated note, I got a letter from Ted Kennedy today, who has already started his 2006 re-election campaign. The most fun I had today was trying to read it out loud in his accent!

Go Pats!



Comment [6]

  1. Tyler responds with:

    Holy crap. I don’t understand this, but it’s awesome. The guy’s voice sounds like he’s a super contra bass, but it’s like the low tones are actually overtones, ‘cause when he’s not hitting those incredible notes he’s singing in a mid-range. Kinda sounds constipated when it shifts back to his mid-range, actually. Good find Andy!
    · Feb 2, 07:01 PM
  2. Tyler responds with:

    Might as well catch up with everyone since not too much seems to be going on in the world of Goofy Guys….

    Andy- I got in the car today on my lunch break and heard the end of Piazolla’s “Adios Nonino”, arranged for piano. Thought you’d like to know! How’s the teaching going? Ever dig your car out of that mess?

    Bry- what’s been going on with you? Haven’t talked to you in a while. What’s going on with that guy who’s got money coming out his ass who wanted to invest in your aquarium business? How’s the working out going?

    Jimmy- Are you coping okay with the lack of a girlfriend and the idea of her floating around in the middle of the ocean? How’s that new camera treating you? How about that diet? I miss you and wish I could move out to Colorado, but I’m too poor. Looks like our next stop might be moving in with my parent.

    Jake- What’s up man? My parents said they had a nice visit with you and Mark and had lots of nice things to say about the both of you. Are you all moved in with the rents now? You’ll have to post an MP3 or two of your band sometime if you have any.

    John- Are you still alive? Or did the April jokes break the last straw and force you to go into a cave and pull all your hair out and obsess about how many ways you could phisically and mentally torchure each of us without actually killing us. Just kidding. Are you still living in Derby? Last I knew you weren’t too happy living there.

    As for me- The diet’s going okay, albeit a bit slow. Down 10 lbs. so far. I need to kick the excersising into gear. I broke my pinky toe (Jess says it’s not broken, but I think it is) last week and thats kinda put the excersising on hold. Bad excuse, I know. Since I’m technically posting this on Andy’s music page, I’ll mention my newest music downloads. Today I got Green Day’s “American Idiot” album, and the album “Hot Fuss” by The Killers. I haven’t listened to all of American Idiot yet, but it’s a lot more thoughtful than anything they’ve done to date. I suprizingly LOVE The Killers CD! (You know The Killers… “Somebody told me / that you had a boyfriend / that looked like a girlfriend / that I had in February of last year….” I was sceptical when I downloaded it, thinking it would be all radio-friendly teen punk-pop. But it’s actually really good. Some of it kind of reminds me of Queen or Bowie or some 80’s alternative-synth-pop bands like Duran Duran or Depeche Mode. Good alternative rock.

    Well, hope your all doing well. Write back and tell me whats up!
    · Feb 4, 04:54 PM
  3. Jim responds with:

    Well TyTy… I’m stupid and never took a picture of my hairy chest. I haven’t lost a lot of weight yet, but things are going well. My tummy and A cups have shrunken and I’m starting to get some definition showing through the insulation. Another month or so and I think I’ll have some good definition showing through in most of my upper body again. The diet is obviously working, but apparently I’m working out hard enough that I’m converting more than I’m losing.

    It’s been rough not having Sarah. Nunno how much ya’ll are keeping up with the news, but they limped over to Hawaii after “the wave” hit and they’re still assessing the ship. I’ve spoken with her a couple of times since she’s been in Honolulu and she sounds wonderful. She’s bummed that they’re going to miss out on Korea and Japan – and she, along with everyone else, is wondering how the rest of the trip is going to go. They won’t be done with the ship assessment until tomorrow night, so we’re still in the dark as to how long it’s going to be until they can repair it and shove off again.

    I think it would have been hard w/o “the wave”, but this last week and a half has been really hard. I was so worried about her until Monday when they arrived in Hawaii and I finally got to talk to her. Hearing her voice was truly wonderful – especially since she’s still pretty upbeat. But it has still been very rough. Last night was actually the hardest I think it has been for me. I miss her more than I knew was possible. This whole thing is going to be a growing experience for the both of us.

    Anyway, so yeah… that’s the little life update. Over-all, things are just chugging along like normal when it comes to the rest of my life. I went out hiking last weekend and had a great time. The camera is treating me very well. Last weekend was very overcast and dreary, but I’m hoping to go again tomorrow and it might be a lot nicer, so might have some neat pics to share next week.

    · Feb 4, 05:47 PM
  4. Tyler responds with:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. You’ll have to post some o’ them thar pictures ASAP. And keep hiking. Do it for me… for all of us, since we’ll probably never know the joys of living at the foot of the Rockies!

    Anybody else…. ?
    · Feb 7, 04:54 PM
  5. Andy responds with:

    ack thppbt so here’s my update in response to Tyty.

    Well I’m at school now and shouldn’t really be writing, but the kids are on their way to the buses so it’s all good. I’m about to embark on a huge momentous project that will be combining the 4th and 5th grade bands. I didn’t think it was gonna happen due to mega scheduling conflicts, but my principal rescued it at the last minute. That of course means that I have to do all of the work I hadn’t done to get ready for it when I didn’t think it was happening!

    Otherwise school is fine – my commute is easy, and I LOVE driving stick! I haven’t had any issues with my car (knock on wood) except that whole snow thing (still too lazy to post the pictures). But that was fun – I felt like all that was man while I was digging it out, and then I woke up the next morning feeling like all that used to be jello.

    I feel some of your pain about Sarah, Jimothy. It was really hard to have Lisa in DC 2 summers ago, thank goodness there was no 50-ft wave involved! Things are still going fine for us after 2 year and change, and especially now that she’s met all you guys!

    All else is as usual, meaning wind ensemble on mondays, beer with dinner, occassional parties, and even more occassional brass quintet rehearsals. And I’m still saving up for the New England brew tour! (yes? no? maybe?)

    Go Pats!

    · Feb 7, 05:11 PM
  6. Tyler responds with:

    Oh, right. The brewtour. I think that’s gonna be a big N-O for me. Sucks. Jess and I are having money trouble, and are going to be moving in with my parents some time this summer to try to mend the situation. Needless to say, I won’t be able to be spending money on all the beer in New England. Bry and I were discussing the idea of trading the brew tour for the possibility of a winter Colorado skiing trip, but that’s going to be impossible too.

    · Feb 7, 06:50 PM
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