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Feb 7, 12:55 PM · from the mouth of Jim

I had to break the silence somehow…

So, on a positive note: they’re fixing the ship and flying the students to their next three ports in the meantime. Sarah’s gonna finish the academic week out in Hawaii, then she’ll be flown to China, Hong Kong and then Vietnam where they’ll meet back up with the ship and resume their normal itinerary. Yay!

Ahh, now to go finish plotting out the trip to South Africa – and my financial demise. :)



Comment [9]

  1. Tyler responds with:

    Ahh yes, well speaking of plotting out trips to far away lands… are you giving any thought to voyaging to the far-away land of Redding, Connecticut, for (at least the weekend of) the 17th of September, 2005?

    Just thought I’d throw that in there…

    Jimmy, are you and I the only ones still using this site? I think the others have left us… Sniff
    · Feb 7, 04:47 PM
  2. Andy responds with:

    dude I’m still here! and about to respond to your big old thingy on my previous posting. I’m at school and I shouldn’t, but that’s OK…

    glad you have a wedding date – I’ll be there of course. And Jimmy I’m glad Sarah’s OK – lots of people seem to have heard about her ship!
    · Feb 7, 05:00 PM
  3. Jim responds with:

    Yay!!! A date – maybe you already told us about that, but I’d forgotten it if you had. But yes… someone could chop both of my legs off just before and I’d find a way to wheel myself to your wedding.
    · Feb 7, 07:40 PM
  4. Jake responds with:

    Holy crap…

    Adam from my band is getting married that day too. You’re lucky you’re a closer friend. ;)

    There’s so many people getting married this year… I’m all I need is one more for a Triple-header…

    And… I love Jackie soo much. No she isn’t sitting here while I’m writing this… Really she isn’t…
    · Feb 7, 09:36 PM
  5. Jim responds with:

    Dude – no kidding about everyone getting married. I have two/three friends’ weddings to attend. (The third is a good friend of Sarah’s that we’re actually shooting as well as attending—hey get paid to go to your friend’s wedding… not bad if ya ask me…)

    Then, we’ve got another one tentatively booked. I’m meeting with the couple in two weeks to see if they are gonna dig it for real.

    Sept-Oct is gonna be mad crazy. But it’ll be fun, and profitable.

    Awww yyeeaaahhh…
    · Feb 8, 03:16 AM
  6. Andy responds with:

    2 of my cousins are getting married this summer, as well as a school friend whose wedding is on the same day as that of my younger cousin. Off hand, I can also think of three weddings I’ll probably be at NEXT summer, as in 2006. And that doesn’t even include grad school acquaintances or other teachers at my school who are engaged. There’s lots of both.

    If all goes well, of course, Bryan and I will be able to get a marriage license in NYC and at last have legal sanction for our nightly sperm-swapping, or so says the New York Times. I guess you guys are invited, but only if I can pick out your bridemaids’ dresses.
    · Feb 8, 08:59 AM
  7. Tyler responds with:

    Oh, yeah. That reminds me Jimmy… We aren’t hiring a wedding photographer since the father of the groom and one of the Best Men are both pros. So, would you mind bringing your camera and snapping off a few shots? We’ll pay for expenses, which should be low if you go digital. And we’re not asking you to “work” the wedding, just fire off a few pictures here and there. We’re not like some of the psycho couples that want 700 pictures of the wedding, just a few key images to remember the day.

    We’re trying to make this wedding as home-made as possible. Not only will that really cut costs, but it’s more meaningful and sentimental in my opinion. Examples: No specific photographer, just the help of family and friends. Potentially no caterer, just some good home cookin. The band? How about The Michael Dolan Band! Florist: One of my best friends from college’s mom is a florist and is giving us flowers at wholesale, which we’ll arrange ourselves. The church and fancy reception hall… my parents’ back yard. The officiant: a lady from Norwalk who owns a marketing company, and just happens to be a justice of the peace. She said we can pay her whatever we can, plus she’ll provide a nice alter-arch thingy to get married under. The limo? Bryan pulling us in a rickshaw. Thanks Bry. What a guy.
    · Feb 8, 11:32 AM
  8. Jim responds with:

    Of course I will take many pictures my dear TyTy. Yeah, I had kinda figured you guys weren’t going to have an “official photographer”. ‘course, I really don’t know that i want to be taking pictures at the same wedding your dad is… his’ll make mine look bad. ;)

    Way to use the brown guy for the manual labor… :-D
    · Feb 8, 02:10 PM
  9. Tyler responds with:

    Don’t be concerned about that… I see it as a benefit to have two photographers, and two styles! My dad is a master at the classic wedding shots, like the posed ones of the bridal party, family, table shots, etc. Your strengths are epecially prevalent in the candid, photojournalistic stuff. I’m excited to have that, because I’ve obviously seen your stuff and am impressed.

    · Feb 8, 03:55 PM
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