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A new way to connect.

Feb 17, 12:07 PM · from the mouth of Jake

First off, this is my first post using XML-RPC. “What the hell is XML-RPC?!?” I hear you saying. Basically it a script with a bunch of functions that allows other interfaces (usually a desktop application) to connect and post content. I haven’t gotten to test all the applications out there to tell you which one works best, and they all revolve around Movable Type so things aren’t always what they seem. For example I am writing this with ecto which is a neat little application, on OS X. On windows it’s still in its infancy and pretty much stinks.

I began testing it while working on my band’s web site. (It’s still not done, and I think I’m going to end up redesigning it in 6 months, I just built it, I didn’t design it.) And I’ve been really wanting to put it into Re¢ently. The problem with that being I have to take the base and build it out to work with my home grown system.

If you’d like to play with all this stuff you can by just pointing whatever program you have at the front page. I set up a header element to point the program at the XML-RPC stuff so you don’t need the subdirectory information.

In general this isn’t a huge deal, you guys don’t have any problems posting by yourselves to the web site. But I find a program like this can help for something that’s mulling in your head. I’m currently working on my bio for Ambershed on my Power Book and can just save the draft of it until I’m done and ready to publish it. Of course you can just hide posts from the public in the web admin too… If anyone has any questions let me know.



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