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M iShuffle with Andy

Mar 9, 12:50 AM · from the mouth of Bryan

Hello everyone, I recently picked up alittle toy that I think all of you would enjoy. I researched it abit, and took into consideration both sides about the product (i.e. Andy’s view) and I have to say that for what I’m using my ipod Shuffle for, I absolutely love this little toy. Granted it doesn’t have a viewing screen, text messaging option, ball washer and pubic hair clipper with kung fu grip, but I feel for the use of meditation, aerobics and lifting (when I can actaully do it again) its perfect. If you are using more then 120 songs when you workout, you are overdoing it. I fit all of my meditation, lifting, and running music on this thing and I still have room for more (even though I can’t lift yet!!!!!!!) One big plus is the cost. $99 + $29 for the arm band. Now for a general mp3 player, it’s going to run you about the same + the SD card. Or, a “sports” walkman, will easily run you more. That’s why I love my toy. YOu can charge it through your USB port, load up the songs, and then shove it up your ass, and it only feels like Jim’s tiny little speck of a penis is in my ass. Sometimes I get my iPod Shuffle and Jim’s penis confussed, but then I remembered how much bigger the iPod Shuffle is. (I love you Jim)


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  1. Tyler responds with:

    Word to that. I think the Shuffle is an interesting idea. I love my iPod, and love that I have every single album I own loaded onto it. I love that I can pick and choose and listen to stuff I haven’t heard in a long time. I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

    That being said, I do use my iPod on shuffle mode a lot, particularly while at the gym. And the thing does get in the way sometimes, being in my pocket while I’m trying to do squats or whatever. (Not that I’m knocking the size of the iPod…. two hundred plus albums in my pocket? The thing is a miracle in a little box!) If I ever get to a song that I don’t really want to hear while it’s on shuffle, I just hit “Next”. Pretty simple.

    So on that note, I think that little Shuffle is a good investment, my little brown friend. And how can you argue with $99?!
    · Mar 9, 11:11 AM
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