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More Digital SLR

Mar 27, 12:04 AM · from the mouth of Jake

I’m pretty sure I’m never going to get a digital SLR at the rate things are happening. For a while there I obviously thought I’d just wait and “get a lower level camera to take shots on the go.”

But after a whopping 1 actual referral I figure that’s a bust. So I pondered what to do, I could always go the route of Yimmy and get the D70. Or I could go out and get myself the Canon equivalent. I still figure those $1500-ish models are a little higher than I can afford. But I also never like to go half assed.

So what do I do?

My current camera system is Pentax, though I don’t have as many lenses as Jim. So I could actually jump to another manufacturer. Well I thought I had an epiphany a short while ago. Pentax released an updated digital SLR, the get the thing for $700 if I just shop around.

Hell, the model has the exact same sensor as Jimmy’s. So what’s the problem, why not do this as a stepping stone for now?

Well then Canon just had to release the XT, an 8 megapixel update to the original digital rebel. Plus we still never heard of a D200 from Nikon… so what to do? How do you figure something like this out?

Well I think I’m gonna need a good ass kicking so that I don’t go out and buy the *ist DS. I think the price is pretty enticing. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Your thoughts? [1]

  1. jake responds with:

    I’m glad that I’m putting off buying the *ist DS and actually save money. The make my credit card higher part isn’t too enticing right now. Maybe when I hear more about the Nikon D50 I’ll be able to make a better decision. Of course I’d probably be more apt to buy a higher end DSLR from Nikon than a Mac mini version if I decided to “switch.”
    · Mar 30, 05:48 PM
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