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Colonial Update

Aug 30, 01:34 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Two thriving colonies of yeast are planning to take over the Harris kitchen this beautiful day. Two jars of yeast that have been maturing over the last week were observed this morning to be swelling and stinking similarly to Tyler’s anus. In the “Yeast Daily” this morning, an article was submitted by an anonymous bacteria indicating that a take-over has been in the planning stages since late last evening.

Apparently the colonies were extremely energized after their feeding last evening and they conspired with the large, swelling lump of dough visiting the oven. The dough, containing youthful members of both colonies, had been mushed and folded over and over last night causing the yeast within it great agony and bitter feelings towards the kitchen.

The dough was moved to the refrigerator this morning in the hope that it would help to slow the take-over, but the public is skeptical that this pathetic move will succeed. After only an hour and a half in the refrigerator, the dough had been spotted swelling and preparing once again.


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  1. jake responds with:

    Well I’m glad you logged in correctly.
    · Aug 30, 02:47 PM
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