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back from africa...

Apr 8, 02:37 PM · from the mouth of Jim

well girls, happy b-day to all that had one… (sorry ty) :)

the last two weeks were a complete experience. i got home yesterday and proceeded to stare at a letter for nearly 2 minutes trying to figure out how to open it… so as you can imagine, today is catch up day.

i’ve now confirmed that 35 straight hours of travel does not leave you rested. at all... i also learned that 280lb inconsiderate italian guys SUCK to sit next to when the plane ride is a mere 18 hours in length. by the 10th hour my right leg had lost about 40% of its feeling…

however, i think that my body is, generally, back to mountain time as of today. have i mentioned that south africa is FAR away – cuz it is… like… REALLY far…

in any case… for all that were wondering about my silence… that was the reason. soon i will begin going through the ~5GBs of photos and start building a gallery and typing up some stories.

for now it’s back to catching up with life… like, the ungodly amount of money i spent on this trip and how i’m going to pay for it… :)



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  1. Tyler is rad responds with:

    YEAY Jimmy!

    I was worried, actually. I knew you were going, but thought you were going for only a week. I thought maybe you got captured by a tribe of cannibals and boiled in a big pot. Or maybe that you decided to sneak aboard the S.A.S. ship and stow away for the rest of Sarah’s voyage.

    So yeah, be sure to write a big long entry telling us how it was, and POST PHOTOS!

    · Apr 9, 01:44 PM
  2. Andy responds with:

    hooray for Jimmy!

    Have you now been farther from home than any of us? That’s cool – I can’t wait to see the photos. Hopefully your return will liven up goofyguys some more: it’s been slow without our Jimmy!

    Off topic, here’s another article about Spamalot. It’s way sold out as far as the eye can see! =(
    · Apr 10, 07:05 PM
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