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south african journal

Apr 11, 05:23 PM · from the mouth of Jim

well, it’s not gonna be fancy, but I figured that I’d use Sarah’s blog to do my own little journal of the trip. i’ve started at the beginning and hope to post an entry or two each night until i’ve covered the whole thing. i’ve actually typed up through the tuesday night of the trip, so tonight should see at least 1 to 2 more entries.

i’ll also be splitting a section off of her gallery for the photos, but those are going to take me some time. i took a little over 1,000 for a total of about 6GB, so i’ve got some work ahead of me. :)

i wish life had a pause button for when you went on vacation… ::grumble…::



Comment [3]

  1. Tyler responds with:

    Dude. You’re the coolest human I know.

    Why hasn’t Sarah updated her blog in like 2 months? Do they not have internet access on the ship? I guess satelite data connect must be costly.

    A few years ago, I went on a cruise with my school peeps. One of my friends got drunk and got in a fight with another friend, and went and used the ship’s pay phone to call her dad and her boyfriend. She spent about 3 hours on the phone (charged to her credit card). The bill was over 4 hundred bucks and she spent the next year paying it off.

    So yeah.

    Me wanna travel. Me wanna go far away and do fun things and take nice pictures.
    · Apr 14, 06:35 PM
  2. Jim responds with:

    I’m trying to remember how she put it; something along the lines of, “I’ve decided I’m just not a journal writer. I remember events through pictures.”

    So yeah… unfortunately my friends, it was a bit of a loss of heart. I can’t blame her. Journalling even the 10 days that I did is taking effort. It’ll be worth it, but I can see myself getting disinterested very quickly. I’m going to see it through because it’s such a short time, but I doubt we’ll see any more from her. However, I can say fairly safely that at some point after she gets home, she may do a HUGE upload of pictures. She has more than we can conceive of, but the ship’s sat. connection is slow enough and expensive enough that she just can’t afford to upload them.
    · Apr 14, 11:30 PM
  3. Tyler responds with:

    Okay Jimmy-

    Don’t run out of steam yet! You’ve still got more journalling to do! (I’m living vicareously through you right now. The furthest I’ve travelled in recent history was to Colorado three years ago.)

    Tell us about the accents you heard. When I worked at a summer camp in Maine a few years ago, the staff was made up of a large population of international people. Many were from S. Africa, and I noticed that some sounded American, some sounded British, and some sounded Australian. Interesting.

    Love George.

    By the way, this Auntie of yours: is she on your mom’s side or your dad’s? And how did she come to live in S. Africa?
    · Apr 18, 11:54 AM
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