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more beer!

Jun 29, 07:34 PM · from the mouth of Andy

The NY Times today ran an article on American Pale Ales. Very interesting!

Here’s the article

On that same note, I’ve been following through with a promise to myself to try as many new beers as possible that are available in my ‘hood. There are lots! I’m fortunate to live near at least 3 stores with ecclectic selections. In the fridge currently is Grolsch lager, which tastes like cream soda in the best possible way – very tasty and satisfying!

On a sad note, though, the wind ensemble’s regular post-rehearsal haunt, a restaurant called the West End, just stopped offering beer in pitchers. With this move they’ve lost our business forever!


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    Interesting that you pointed that out, Andy. I get the NY Times e-mail every day, and I saw that article and the interactive presentation that went along with it. I noticed that “Dale’s Pale Ale” was rated the highest, so I went out a bought a 6-pack. It’s sold in the can, which I thought was interesting. It’s excellent! It’s also made by the same brewery that makes “Old Chub Scottish Ale,” which Jimmy got and made us all try when y’all made your pilgrimage to Virginny last year. I remember loving it!

    As long as we’re mentioning things we took an interest in, I heard this story on NPR today about a blind guitarist/singer named Raul Midon. He’s absolutely awesome. I recommend listening to the brief story.
    · Jun 30, 01:26 AM
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