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River of Beer Found in Germany

Sep 1, 11:00 AM · from the mouth of Jake

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to find the amazing river of beer.

Fresh water from an underground spring flows down a riverbed surrounded by wild hops and barley plants. As the plants are periodically washed into the river, fermentation eventually occurs. The result is a delicious golden lager, which bubbles through the woodlands.

Hooray for the Weekly World News, Not as good as articles from The Onion. But hey beggers can’t be choosers.


Comment [3]

  1. Tyler responds with:

    Holy Crap! We have to make our own River of Beer! All we need is a few million pounds of barley, about a million pounds of hops, a few thousand barrels of mollases or honey, and a couple billion gallons of water. Hurricane Frances is on her way… do you think we can gather all these ingredients before she hits? Hell yeah.
    · Sep 1, 10:48 PM
  2. Tyler responds with:

    Also, Jake- (I can’t figure out how to login, so I’m just going to say this here)...

    Thanks for letting me copy some of your CDs. I’m in love with this Counting Crows best of! It’s really great. It reminds me of our trip to see Yimmy in CO two years ago when we went to Andy’s friend’s super sweet apartment, and he put on the most recent Counting Crows album. Memories….
    · Sep 1, 10:51 PM
  3. Andy responds with:

    Man I’m glad SOMEONE remembers that night…
    · Sep 9, 01:23 AM
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