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Jul 3, 09:36 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Yeah yeah, get over it – I’m shamelessly flaunting my shit. But c’mon… like you wouldn’t show this off!



Comment [5]

  1. jake responds with:

    I’ll see your Kick-ass Lightning shot, and raise you one adorable, little cousin.

    Little Cousin Amber

    Mine’s a total cheap shot, but you have to admit she is cute.
    · Jul 3, 11:04 PM
  2. Bryan responds with:

    I fold
    · Jul 5, 11:47 AM
  3. Tyler responds with:

    Dude, was that lighting image taken with your digi? How long of a time laspe did it take? (And how many tries?) It’s totally sweet.

    · Jul 12, 06:01 PM
  4. Jim responds with:

    File: DSC_0043.NEF
    File size: 5,467KB
    Camera Model: NIKON D70
    Firmware: Ver.2.00
    Date/Time: 2005:07:02 20:14:55
    Shutter speed: 30 sec
    Aperture: 16
    Exposure mode: Manual
    Flash: Off
    Metering mode: Multi-segment
    ISO: 400
    Lens: 24 to 85mm
    Focal length: 24mm
    Focal length: 36mm (in 35mm film)
    AF mode: MANUAL
    Image size: 3036×2010
    Image quality: RAW
    White balance: SUNNY
    Saturation: Normal
    Sharpness: NORMAL
    Contrast: Normal

    About 30 frames. Out of those, I got about 5 strikes, but this was the coolest. Too bad it was off my deck and is framed by the neighborhood, but oh well. :) I wanted to cry cuz in one, I had light trails on the road from a car that had driven through… and it had a strike in it, but it was majorly in the wrong part of the frame and incomplete. Admittedly, there’s some digital enhancement in this. The exposure, etc. is unadjusted, but I did do some color saturation to give it more of a chrome feel. And, of course, there’s some standard issue digital sharpening, but that’s a necessity.

    Glad you like it. :) I had fun being the neighboorhood mosquito whore for 20 minutes.

    · Jul 12, 11:07 PM
  5. Jim responds with:

    Oh, also, i threw a digital red filter on it to achieve the purple hue.
    · Jul 12, 11:09 PM
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