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Sit on my Face

Sep 23, 07:00 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Hey boys,

I’ve finally gotten around to checking out those sound files I recorded at the after party. I’m still working on the belch contest between Jim and Connor, but I figured I’d at least whet your appetites with our subdued yet hearty rendition of the classic “Sit on my Face”. Enjoy!

Click to listen

Oh yeah, and I hope to see most of you at the fair this weekend. I’ll be in with Lisa starting tomorrow morning.


Comment [1]

  1. TyTy responds with:

    I just played Sit on My Face in Dublin Airport for all to hear. There’s really no one around, but I still managed to embarass Jess!

    So now you can all say that you’ve performed in Ireland!
    · Sep 29, 09:18 AM
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