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The FUN Song!

Oct 8, 12:44 AM · from the mouth of Tyler

Ladies and Gentlemen! Put your hands together. I said put your hands together! We have a very special treat here in Norwalk, Connecticut. We have a reunion of one of the greatest rock ‘n roll bands of all time, who are under the age of 60 years old! I submit to you—THE PICKLED POLLIES!!!

It’s sorta a big file, but just give it a minute… it’s worth it!

I might even recommend that you right-click and save it to your computer, THEN listen to it.


Comment [4]

  1. Andy responds with:

    dammit someone’s gotta break the silence.

    I listened to this a few days ago. Awesome! But now I know how Jim must have felt in high school – I couldn’t hear the bass at all!

    Tyler, on the other hand, continues to rock my world with his mad guitar skillz. When are you and Connor gonna go on tour? You could recruit your Uncle Mike and go around the country as “Mikey and the Nevins Boys”. It’d be sweet.

    someone say something!!!
    · Oct 17, 06:48 PM
  2. Tyler responds with:

    Thank you Andy for being a voice in the void. It’s true, you can’t hear the bass sadly. In the recordings of the Blaney guys, you can’t really hear the bass or the vocals too well. But they’re still great! Hopefully I can put those files up as well, but obviously they’re much bigger files… anyone know a good way to condense sound files?

    As for my “mad skillz”, I don’t know about that, but I would love to play in a band with Conor someday. Maybe when we both decide that we left our hearts in CT and have to move back.

    Totally unrelated: Jimmy or Jake- I downloaded the Photoshop CS2 trial version so that I could play with the new RAW upgrade (which is sweeeet!). Do either of you know any ways that I can keep it going after the 30 days are over (i.e. serial crack…)

    Love Ty.

    P.S. Andy- Howabout that burping contest? I saw that you tried to upload it, but only got a few seconds of the file uploaded…
    · Oct 17, 07:06 PM
  3. Tyler responds with:

    How weird… last night I dreamt that the Pickled Pollies gave a concert at some big venue and it was awesome! We played a bunch of songs that I didn’t know, a cover of something (I forget what) and then finished the night off with The Fun Song! It was really real. And we kicked ass!
    · Oct 18, 12:04 PM
  4. Andy responds with:

    man, I’ve totally had dreams like that too. I’ve been itching to get back in a rock band for ages. The closest I get, though, is playing for my students. Next week, in fact, Mr. Guitar (my classroom guitar) is gonna have a Halloween Costume – he’s gonna be “dressed up” as my old blue electric.

    About the belching contest files – they’re still on the way, I’ve just been too lazy to put them up via FTP. They’ll appear soon! Maybe even this afternoon…
    · Oct 18, 04:43 PM
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