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Totally random thoughts...

Oct 18, 12:27 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I haven’t anyhting lately, I hadn’t even posted anything exciting over on Re¢ently till last night. That is since writing about Serenity a couple weeks ago. Which reminds me, if you can go see it, do. It’s more about the characters than the sci-fi, which naturally is how a movie should be. Explosions are cool, but pretty much any movie in any genre can be good if it has good character development. In my mind it’s how Pixar kicks Dreamworks ass regularly.

One random thing I saw this morning involves video games. Which I know none of you regularly play any more, but I figure with our geeky pasts you’ll appreciate the jokes.

First some history…

Some of you may have heard about the Hot Coffee Mod for Grand Theft Auto. Basically in the latest iteration there was some hidden content that the developer, Rockstar games, looked into but decided not to use. This occurs often in the games industry because you could easily pull that content out 3 weeks before shipping it out and find out a big indrectly related section stops working because of it. A while after the games release a group of people playing with modifying the game content found the hidden content and all hell broke loose.

This content contained a sex minigame where instead of just alluding to you getting busy with some girl you just took on a date you actually get busy with her. I’ve never played the game but my understanding is that the actual control of the minigame is something along the lines of a 14 year old trying to remove a bra one-handed. Maybe that’s why they scrapped it, being a bunch of developer nerds, they couldn’t figure out how sex actually works.

In any event this created a huge uproar because everyone knows that parents don’t actually pay attention to what games their kids are playing. Not to mention the fact that you needed one of those cheating devices like the old Game Shark’s for your Playstation2 to get at the content.

Every parent moderately paying attention screamed, “If my kid is going to see boobies it’s gonna be cause they’re up late watching HBO or digging through the Playboy’s in my closet!”

Back to today

Sorry, this is getting long..

After everyone in D.C. started getting involved we got our lovely friend Jack Thompson going on a publicity binge. He even claimed he would donate $10,000 to a charity if someone would make some game he came up with. Naturally he backed out when someone actually made a game.

Picking up the slack, Tycho and Gabe

Of the hillarious Penny Arcade fame make the donation for him… In his name… He cries…

Sorry, I’m not even sure where I was going with this. It sounded a lot funnier knowing the whole back story and hearing the quick blurb. The back story really kills the humor. My bad, I’m posting it anyway for posterity… And cause I just spent 20 minutes writing it down when I should have been working.



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