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Visiting Mer in Boston

Nov 15, 01:59 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Just add some fuel to Tyty’s fire, about only a few people posting here, I though I’d share my trip up to Boston. Nothing outrageous happened but I discovered two things.

Movies can still be cool.

The main event of the evening was going to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on an Imax theater in Jordan’s furniture. You read that right, you walk through a furniture store and find a theater in the back.

The Imax isn’t one of those huge wrap around dealies you see in museums but it was plenty big. The sound was big too, bass shook the seats. And get this… no commercials! No nothing!

All they had in the theater was good music and a “light show.” And then we got to see the movie. I guess they didn’t need to shove crap down our throats because they make up the difference in leather couchs.

Black O’lantern

Before the movie we went out for dinner at a nice BBQ place down the street from Mer’s apartment. They had a lovely selection of beers including the Black O’lantern. What a wonderful drink. It’s kinda like a black ‘n tan, only black ‘n orange. ;) First dump in half a pint of Post Road Pumpkin Ale and then half a pint of Guinness. I got an extra kick because Mer ordered the Pumpkin and her roommate ordered a Guinness. I couldn’t decide so I got both…

Even though I only got to go up there for the evening I had a lot of fun. And got to see first hand how the MPAA is a bunch of tools who don’t know what they’re doing.

Mer has a nice, little, cozy place too. You guys should try and visit her once in a while. :)


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  1. Tyler responds with:

    Yeah, Jess has always told me about Jordan’s Furniture, and how they play movies and even this weird movie/ride thingy, where the seats actually move. A furniture store!

    And anyone lives in the area (I guess RI counts as “the area”, because I saw them all the time at school), knows that Jordan’s is famous for their TV commercials, even moreso than Bob’s Discount Furniture of Middletown.
    · Nov 15, 04:11 PM
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