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Some Nostalgia

Feb 24, 10:09 AM · from the mouth of Jake

This has been building for a couple days because I keep getting distracted at work. A while ago my mom dug up some old pictures. From our graduation. :) It’s a little weird to see how we looked almost ten years ago. I almost look like a skeleton. I guess my mom didn’t need to spend any money on me at Halloween.

graduation shot: smile! graduation photo: strike a pose!

And my maternal grandmother, who I’m pretty sure you’ve all met at least once, was taken by an online scam. So she’s filing for bankruptcy and we’ve been cleaning her house. Along with a progress report from Ms. Brockett my mom found this 1994 holiday concert program.

Front and back of 1994 holiday progam.

Insides of 1994 holiday program.


Spank Me [3]

  1. TyTy responds with:

    Wow. Wow wow wow wow.

    You know what’s scary is many of us don’t look all that different from now. I think I actually look more like my current self in that photo than in many of my college photos. Bryan however, in the photo on the left, looks like a different person.

    Santa’s Frosty Follies…. Yeah that was when I rollerbladed around on stage in a Frosty the Snowman outfit, only to trip and fall and my giant snowball head popped off. My shining moment.

    Way to go Jake for getting that whip crack solo!

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. That sucks. I almost was the victim of identity theft a couple years ago thanks to a PayPal scam. The crazy part is, when I told my credit card about it, they didn’t think it was a big deal! I had to insist that they change my credit card number!

    You know what’s funny- When Ms. Brockett wrote that progress report, she was probably younger than we are now.

    Nice touch with the updated Goofy Guys header.

    · Feb 24, 02:01 PM
  2. Andy responds with:

    Looking at these pictures, I’m reminded of a line from the excellent movie “Gross Pointe Blank” about high school reunions (can’t remember it verbatim but I’ll give it a shot):

    Martin: “Did you go to your 10-year reunion?”
    Secretary: “Yes sir. It was as if everyone had swelled.”

    I dare say we all fit into that category, except maybe Jimmy. We’re almost due for our 10 year… scary!

    Scammage sucks. I hear it happens to old ladies a lot, unfortunately. I hope she comes through it OK. Kudos to her, though, for keeping the concert program! I remember that all too well… Tyler taking spills, me singing along with Emily Czarnecki in front of the “Santa Claus Parade”, Kevin getting an unneeded ego-booster with that Manheim Steamroller schlock. Those were the days…

    · Feb 24, 03:35 PM
  3. Jim's Girlie responds with:

    That’s really sexy, guys.

    · Mar 6, 03:12 AM
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