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Microsoft designs the iPod packaging

Mar 1, 07:30 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Methinks a few people in this crowd will appreciate this. Make sure you have sound available; the music really makes it.

BTW oh great Iackypoo – it seems as though I’ve had problems posting comments since the upgrade. It presents the preview, but never actually posts after I attempt to submit the final version. Just an FYI…

Update: don’t kill yourself jake – I’m starting to suspect it’s our big f*ing piece of SHIOT proxy server here; I suspect it’s not refreshing the post data or something properly. I’ll try commenting from home since you guys are all seemingly working. The following is my reply to the TyTy.

Hehe – I think my woman would not be happy. :) Last night she was like, “you can pick one: we shoot canon and use mac, or we shoot nikon and use PC.” Though, I later found out that her biggest gripe with the mac was the lack of two buttons (which I shared until I got this G4 and realized that you could use normal two button meese.) She seems more open to the idea of a mac in the house now. :) You really do have to admit that single button mice are inferior – I’ll never let that argument fizzle. :-D It still astounds me that apple just won’t let go…

Either way, as nice as OS X is, my current workstation’ll stay where it is for at least a year or so longer. I’ve tuned it out so much for processing that it’s getting the job done quite well for now.

Now I’m just hurting to have 10.4.x on the G4. I’m dying to try Adobe’s Lightroom beta, but they don’t support Panther. Grrrr…

On another note – mac people don’t make, umm, how you say, “acquiring” software as easy as it should be. Though .dmg files are a tremendously well executed use of great technology, people seem to be over using them. I pulled a certain DVD with some “stuff” on it, later to find that someone had just dumped the contents of “smaller stuffs” into it and partitioned it off. It was all swell and neat from a technological distribution point of view, but not worth a shit if you needed to boot off of one of these “sub-things.” In any case, it was just kinda funny to me. I think I have a “thing” pulling right now that is a true .iso image that’ll be bootable… udderwise I may have to have one of yous guys make (another) attempt at supplying for my needs. And no, I’m not talking technological needs… raarrrr… ;)


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    That’s brilliant.

    Speaking of Apple products, Jimmy, if you’ve discovered you start liking your Mac enough to make it a bigger part of your life, go to Apple and look at the new Mac Mini. It’s got the new Intel Core chip and all the other fun bells and whistles, but in a tiny little package and for only $599.

    Me want. Although I think I’d like the iMac more.


    · Mar 1, 07:40 PM
  2. jake responds with:

    Yeah I saw that a couple days ago, hil…larious. :·)

    Sorry you’re commenting isn’t working Yimmy, I’ll take a look if I get a chance this weekend. Is anyone else noticing the problem?

    · Mar 2, 01:01 PM
  3. Andy responds with:

    dammit, they took the video down! I can’t watch youtube stuff at work thanks to the school system filters, and now that I’m home the video appears to have been pulled from the site.

    And while I’m here, Happy Birthday Iak! Here’s another video for the holiday held in your honor, yak shaving day

    Oh Joy!

    · Mar 2, 03:03 PM
  4. TyTy responds with:

    Yeay Iak! Happy birthday! (I had a little alarm in my phone remind me of it a week ago, but then I fogot again!) Hmm. 27 seems a lot older than 26. Closer to 30. Ahh, aging. It’s fun up into your mid-twenties, then it starts getting scary.

    As for you Yimmy, Apple HAS abandoned the single-button mouse. I never liked the thing anyway (although I learned to tolerate it). They now make the Mighty Mouse®. It looks like a single button, but when you click on the right side of it, it right-clicks. Fairly brilliant actually. And it’s got a tiny little tracking ball that not only scrolls up and down, but left and right as well. And when you click it, it acts as a third button. Stupendous. And then it’s got side buttons too, effiectively giving it 4 buttons with different functions. They’re still not making it wireless yet, but soon enough, I’m hoping. I’m sure you’ve discovered the joys of Exposé on your Mac by now (if not, it’s in the System Preferences). Exposé is a godsend, and the Mighty Mouse makes it super easy to use. Go see it!

    · Mar 2, 03:34 PM
  5. TyTy responds with:

    By the way Andy, that Yak video for Iak— simply joyful.

    · Mar 2, 03:37 PM
  6. Jim responds with:

    Oh no – did I miss Iak day? Grrr… here’s for not checking the remaining comments when I posted my own (and being a moron.) Happy belated shaving my fine skeletal friend. :)

    Oh – a follow up for those who are anxiously jittering at the edges of their seats (riiiiggghhhttt…) – happymac (its new name) is now running Tiger. Can’t say I’m seeing a terribly large diff. between Panther and Tiger, but I’m PSYched about being able to run the Adobe Lightroom beta now. I haven’t processed anything with it – but just the interface and the quick commands it has are PIMP. I’m thinking their wole “lightroom” approach is going to be sweeter than sweetness. They’re now giving us keyboard shortcuts like “L” to “dim the lights” and a lot of the stuff from pshop like “tab” and “shift-tab” are there to do what they’ve always done… the three combined are going to make for an incredibly great proofing environment (sure, pshop can do it all with “tab” and “f”, etc., but just in five minutes i’ve found this new approach to be more efficient; not sure why – probably mostly due to “how” they’re maniuplating the interface to achieve these effects.

    Anywho, back to happymac… :)

    BTW tytytytyty—I had ignored exposé until you mentioned it and, wow dude, that is saweet. That’s an idea that MS really needs to steal. ;)


    · Mar 3, 11:20 PM
  7. TyTy responds with:

    Dahhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh joyous joy of fantastical joys. Thanks for the info on Lightroom Jimmy! I remember hearing something about it a while ago, but didn’t think twice about it. Well I downloaded the beta and it ROCKS! I just converted all my wedding photos from raw simultaneously with it. Duuuuuude. So with the beta, is it going to stop working on June 30th? That was the impression I got when I downloaded it. Well I hope it won’t be too expensive (probably will be though).

    On that note, Jimmy, now that you’re a fellow Mac boy, do you know anything about CS2? Namely, aquiring it? Adobe has made it much more difficult than in the past, with their new, strickter registration system.

    · Mar 5, 02:26 AM
  8. TyTy responds with:

    Oh another thing Jimmy-

    You mentioned above that Sarah said you could shoot Canon on Mac or Nikon on PC. Why? Can’t you use either camera on either OS?

    · Mar 5, 03:38 AM
  9. Jim responds with:

    lol – yeah, there’s no limitation for OS – it’s her way of saying that she can only compromise so much. :) She’s a Canon girl and doesn’t want to come over to Nikon (and I’m a Nikon girl and don’t want to go to Canon.)

    Yeah – I get that same feeling too about the beta – just as I’m gonna get hooked they’ll steal it away from under us. Maybe they’ll have a discount for beta testers, but I doubt it. I think it’s gonna be in the $300ish range-so not as bad as pshop, but def. not cheap. We’ll probably end up buying it legally when it comes out, but that means I have to wait even longer cuz they’re releasing the PC version so much later. (and happymac is just too slow to handle our normal workflow.)

    As for acquisition – I’m having a biotch of a time. The media is in my humble abode, but the “workaround” isn’t functioning. It appears as though mac people aren’t as evil as PC people when it comes to “sharing.”

    If’n I ever succeed, I’ll let ya know.


    · Mar 5, 04:19 PM
  10. Jim's Girlie responds with:

    ATTN TyTy and Jake:

    Jim and I want the twos of yous to work together to make a website for us’ns. Obviously TyTy doing the pretty parts and Jake doing the other stuffs. We already have the domain. We’ll pay you what is fair :o)

    Jim is supposed to be talking to yous about this, but seeing as it’s been about oooh 3 months since we cooked up the idea I am again taking charge and asking ;o) I’m impatient! You can e-mail me at, bother Jim, or whatever. :o) Let me know if you’re interested, don’t feel obligated. We have other friends that could do it for us but we wanted to give you the opportunity first :o)


    · Mar 6, 03:20 AM
  11. TyTy responds with:

    I’m just posting down here to see if anybody will notice. It’s been awfully quiet around here lately…..

    Since I’m on this page, it reminds me that Jimmy ‘n Sarah were asking about doing some graphic design. I’m still happy to help, but you need to tell me what to do.


    P.S. Congrats to Sarah on the gradamiation! Hajee and Jordan send their regrets for not attending your soiree.

    · May 26, 03:51 PM
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