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Green Eggs and Ham

May 14, 05:05 PM · from the mouth of Jim

A Tale of Good Deeds (and of green eggs and ham)

Yesterday afternoon we were driving along a scenic series of back roads between Loveland and Boulder when we spotted something dark and pointy-eared walking along the centerline of the road. We pulled over and found ourselves looking at a cute, happy Aussie/Blue Heeler mix that patiently waited for us by sitting right to the side of our car. After discovering that she had no tags, we opened our doors and motioned her inside.

We looked about and discovered a sign that had a phone number on it at the end of a nearby driveway. We called this number hoping that the owner was at the other end of it. The lady that picked up was friendly, stated that the dog was not hers, but that she’d run up the driveway and check her out. When she and her son came into view, we heard “oh, that’s Smokey!” from the young boy.

After some chatting, the lady sent her son away to return Smokey to their neighbors. Just as we were about to drive off, they ran back up to the car and asked if we would like some farm fresh eggs. Being the egg snobs that I/we am/are, the lady ran off to fetch us some eggs. When she returned, they asked us if we had ever seen green eggs. A quick look inside the cover of the egg carton revealed pastel green colored eggs. They truly do exist!

There is a type of hen, the Ameraucana, that actually lays real fairy tale eggs. Check out the first variety on this link for more information. I can’t seem to find a ton of other information about these guys, but we’re not crazy! (err, well, not about this at least)

This morning we experienced a true taste of Dr. Seuss and felt that it was worthy enough to share. “say! i like green eggs and ham! i do! i like them, sam-i-am!” – ©Dr. Seuss


Comment [3]

  1. TyTy responds with:

    Wow! What a great story! I gotta get me som’a them chickens! I’m serious, I think it’d be awesome to have a small flock of laying hens, regardless of egg color (you know, when I get a house and a yard). But green eggs would be even better!

    · May 15, 11:25 AM
  2. TyTy responds with:

    I also really enjoyed looking at your link to the chicken varieties. If I ever get chickens, if I can’t have Ameraucanas, then I’d like Orpingtons. Yeah. That’d be the sh*t.

    · May 15, 11:33 AM
  3. Andy responds with:

    hehe… you said Orpingtons… hehe

    Dr. Seuss went to Dartmouth! I’m proud to say that – even more proud to say that Mr. Rogers did too! Dartmouth, of course, tried to tap into the Dr. Seuss thing many times while I was there, including many meals of Green Eggs and Ham. Alas, they apparently lacked these amazing chickens, because my green eggs were always scrambled…

    · May 15, 07:54 PM
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