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Say what now?

Jul 21, 01:48 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I thought about doing a more extensive update to that last comment, but I noticed a couple things I should point out to the masses. So screw life updates… The world is a lot more than me… ;)

TMNT Teaser

TMNT Teaser Screen Capture I’m curious? Does this mean we’ll be watching a 3D version of Joe Versus The Volcano for Andy’s birthday next year?


Coming to us from Gizmodo. Late birthday present for John and his cell phone that he forgets all the time? Maybe with my next paycheck…

I thought there was more than two link in my numerous tabs I have open in Firefox right now… Huh, I’ll just add onto this post as the day progresses if anything else comes up…


Lalala... I'm not listening! [6]

  1. TyTy responds with:

    Is there really a new Turtles movie coming out? Speaking of new movies, who’s seen Superman? I saw it, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I LOVED it! I (like many of us) was a Superman FREAK when I was a kid. He was the greatest superhero of all. He could do almost ANYTHING. And he was a really nice guy too. So needless to say, incredible 20-year-old emotions unburied themselves when Jess and I went to see it on opening weekend and that iconic John Williams theme began. The scene near the beginning with the airplane gave me chills! Mock me if you want, but that movie put me into SuperHeaven!

    A note about the reminder thingy mentioned on Gizmodo… Jess made me buy something similar to that from The Sharper Image once after losing her keys for over a day. It totally sucked. The little transmitter thingys were large and annoying, and they lost all battery power after a month.

    · Jul 24, 03:21 PM
  2. TyTy responds with:

    Okay, I answered my own question. Yes, there is a new Turtles movie coming out. The animation looks good. Go here to watch a trailer (even in HD if you have sweet widescreen Apple cinema display like I do at work!!!!):
    · Jul 24, 03:36 PM
  3. jake responds with:

    But I already linked to that… TMNT Teaser?...

    Yup, I saw Superman, I didn’t think it was as good as the ones from when we were kids. Well at least the first two… It wasn’t bad… I just think they could have done better with the millions they spent on the darn thing.

    As for the Turtles, I’m sure it’ll bring back memories, but it’s deviating a bit with the whole CGI thing. And the way they’re animated it looks more like the comics versus the animated cartoon. I guess we’ll see next year. :)

    · Jul 24, 04:23 PM
  4. TyTy responds with:

    Oh oops, I only tried clicking on the image you posted, not the header.

    I actually rented the original film, “Superman: The Movie” a few weeks ago to get pumped up for the new one. I realized that moviemaking has come a long way in 28 years! I used to LOVE that movie when I was a kid, but watching it now as an adult in 2006, it was almost painful! It was WAY too long. They stretched things out sooooo much, like the beginning part on Krypton. Oh, and the part where Superman and Lois Lane fly around the city of Metropolis (and visit the Statue of Liberty!!) was so cheesy the way she thought the little love-poem in her head. Blech. But all the same, I was nuts about it as a kid, and I’m sure that was 95% of why I loved the new one so much. It just brought back fond memories and emotions. Jess has even taken to calling me Superman on account of how excited I got about the movie (and no, it has nothing to do with my superpowers in the bedroom!).

    One other note. I though Brandon Routh did a really nice job picking up Christopher Reeve’s character.

    · Jul 24, 05:20 PM
  5. jake responds with:

    Hahaha, that’s true.

    Yeah, I thought Routh did a good job too. But overall I wasn’t too happy about the cast overall.

    As for the old movie that’s cause it’s the director’s cut. I don’t even think you can find anything else on DVD. The original we all saw when we were kids was shorter, though I’m not sure by how much.

    · Jul 24, 05:33 PM
  6. jake responds with:

    I have some more new updates…

    Animaniacs, Vol. 1
    Pinky and the Brain, Vol. 1

    · Jul 26, 12:13 PM
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