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We're going High-Def

Jul 25, 11:58 AM · from the mouth of Jake Technorati Profile ยท Quick claim for Technorati…

My parents are upgrading our TV this weekend to a sligthly bigger model. The big thing is it’ll be a High-Def LCD Rear-Projection system. It’s the 42′ Sony KDF-E42A10 and it will arrive on Saturday. I thnk everyone’s excited about it…

Sony KDF-E42A10 Television

It’s basically an early birthday present for my dad. And we’re going more for something reasonably priced. Hopefully I can tweak it to perfection.

I think the only negative is that most lower-end TVs don’t have as good an upscaler for regular TV (well that and the World Cup was last month…). So we’ll end up with 10-15 actual channels of beauty. And then the other 200 will be a little muddy. Luckily Pete shouldn’t mind too much while he’s watching Fairly Oddparents. Besides, he’ll be able to hook up his Xbox 360 for HD gaming. :)


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    Sweeeeeeet. I’ve been looking at HDTVs a lot lately. A purchase for me is still a couple of years away, but I’ve been oogling. Plus the fact that my company’s biggest client is Circuit City, so every day I see marketing materials for big, pretty TVs.

    From what I’ve seen, LCD rear-projection is one of the best formats, better than LCD or Plasma flat-panels. Another good one is DLP rear-projection. It’s weird, there are so many different types of TVs out there today, and not one of them is flawless. They all have different sets of pros and cons. It’s partially because the format of HDTV is imperfect… For instance, the most sough-after resolution is 1080p, but there’s no 1080p signal from anything! Not from cable, HD DVDs, or gaming systems (I think). Most sources have a resolution of 760p or 1080i. The rest of the resolution is effectively “faked” by the TV. The reason a DVD on a regular old-school TV looks the way it does, is that both the DVD and the TV have a resolution of 640×480. In other words, the source is the same resolution as the TV. HDTVs tend to look a little pixely (or a lot pixely, depending on how it’s set up!) because the source and TV resolutions don’t match-up perfectly.

    But all the same, I want one anyway! And that one your parents are getting is one of the best!

    · Jul 25, 12:37 PM
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