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My Yeasty Love-Child

Sep 8, 03:22 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Yay yon-Iakifer. Looks like you fixed the images. I could hug you and love you and call you George all day long. Anyway, so here’s a pic of my little lump of yeasty love that TyTy and I have been talking about.Rustic Loaf

Iak – Can you explain what the ‘jb_dsimage’ portion of the ‘txp:’ tag is? I couldn’t get my image to work until I copied the syntax off of your image article. The help stuff doesn’t make any sense and I don’t understand what your tag is doing. (Outside of making it work.)



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  1. Tyler responds with:

    Ok, so speaking of photos, I was clicking around on that site Jake referred us to a while back for help with using the text blog, Textism and found their photo gallery. I fell in love with it, cause it’s such a simple design, but so elegant. Check out the photo gallery. The link I just sent you to is a section of their gallery called “Found Alphabet”, which I find really creative and super fun. But I like the way there is a pull down menu of all the sections of the gallery. And the way everything fits into nice squares. Look, you’ll see!

    For that matter, I just like poking around the site, ‘cause these people seem to be Brits living in France, and I like reading all their cool European euphemisms. Plus a lot of their photos are beautiful, and they appear to live on or work at a winery. Plus they have a gorgeous Wimeroner. So yeah. They’re cool.

    Right, anyways, the point of all this rambling is that I like their photo gallery, and if the allmighty Jake can figure out how to build us one of these, his coolness would transcend to new heights of cool. Word.
    · Sep 8, 03:43 PM
  2. jake responds with:

    I’ll try and exaplin all that stuff asap, I have band rehearsal tonight all the f’ing way up in Torrington so I’ll probably have just enough time to blow my nose and try to shake this sinus infection before I go to bed tonight… ack! too much to do, I’m glad you guys are patient for all this crap…
    · Sep 8, 06:41 PM
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