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Very Sad News

Aug 28, 11:45 AM · from the mouth of Andy

Jim will remember, from the trip back through CT, that my mom mentioned that Will Costello was in a serious car accident with another Durham friend sometime a couple weeks ago, probably while we were in Maine. When my mom told us, he was on life support with an uncertain future.

On Friday morning, Will died.

For those who don’t remember him clearly, I’ll try to refresh. Will was the kid with the bright orange hair. He was Emily’s year in school, and actually was also briefly her first boyfriend. He was also especially good friends with Maureen, since they were across the street neighbors. My family went to church with his family at Holy Trinity in Middletown, where Mr. Adams was the choir director. So naturally, Will was a hardcore Mr. Adams disciple. I can’t speak to what he’d been doing recently, but I do know that, tragically, he was engaged with a wedding date set for January.

I admit I hadn’t seen him in probably 8 years when I found out about this. But even so, I knew him through most of school, going back to 3rd grade or so, and he left a big impression on me, and I’m incredibly sad that he’s gone. I’ll be at his memorial service in Middletown (at our church on South Main Street) tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm. I’ll keep you faraway guys updated on info for flowers or anything if I find out.

I’m very sorry to post this – I hope you’ll forgive the fact that I’d rather not have to make 5 separate calls with this terrible news!


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    That is very sad. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m also afraid to admit that hard as I might, I can’t remember who he was. His name rings a bell, but I can’t think of his face. I don’t think I made enough of an effort to get to know people in the younger grades while I was in school. I probably did know him to some degree, but just can’t remember. I feel bad.

    That sucks big-time.

    · Aug 28, 12:17 PM
  2. TyTy responds with:

    Okay, I did some searching and found his obituary at the funeral home’s website, which includes photos. I do recognize him, but don’t think I knew him well. I’m very sad about it nonetheless.

    · Aug 28, 12:45 PM
  3. Iak responds with:

    My mom told me about this too. The disturbing part was there was nothing in the papers about it. My mom found out everything second hand through various people. The other person in the car was Ray Soule, same year.

    I defintely remember him though, mostly through Maureen. It’s a terrible loss.

    · Aug 28, 01:46 PM
  4. Jackie responds with:

    I actually used to work with Ray Soule’s father so I heard about the accident through him. I know that Ray was driving at the time and he was also very critically injured…this whole thing is just so so sad. :(

    · Aug 28, 05:49 PM
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