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Job Update Promising

Sep 8, 10:41 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Well, since I know that you’re all on the edges of your seats wondering… ;) The continuation of my employment is somewhat promising.

Maxtor pulled us in for a meeting and informed us of their plan. They’re going to in-house a bunch of the IT. The breakdown so far puts my team into a position of 9 people competing for 6 slots. Although that sounds a bit tight, it’s not as bad as you might imagine. We have two people on our team that have years of proven service as techs. that only moved to our team recently, so our assumption is that they’ll be offered jobs back as techs. Then, we have one guy that, unfortunately for him, has spent 4 years digging himself into a hole and probably won’t be offered a job.

That leaves me in a decent position. Of course there’s no gurantees other than taxes and death, but I’m hopeful. My “interview” is scheduled for Monday with Maxtor and they’re claiming to want to have this all wrapped up by the end of the month. They’ve also stated that they’re not going to look outside unless they can’t staff it from existing people, so it sounds like they probably already know who they want.

Anyway, so there ya go. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up being able to continue with Maxtor. The continuation of my paycheck will be welcome.



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  1. Tyler responds with:

    Only do it if it’s what you want. You sounded a few weeks ago as if your job is really wearing you down mentaly and emotionaly. Of course a continuation of the paycheck is drastically important, but if it’s just going to be be more of the same, it sounds like you need to make a change somewhere in your life. Just rambling on, but also looking out for my good buddy Jimminy.
    · Sep 9, 01:51 AM
  2. Jim responds with:

    Yeah TyTy… I’m torn internally on this subject. Unfortunately I hold my house as an important portion of my life and sanity and she’s a very demanding mistress when it comes to finances. I keep debating whether or not I’d rather try to make a change or just keep going for another year or so until I can build up some kind of photo clientel and make a leap of faith into a new career. Unfortunately the photo stuff isn’t possible w/o an income too… so it’s a tough catch-22.

    In any case, you’re right… and I’m glad I have a large, festering ball of excriment watching over me. :)

    On a positive note, finally being under Maxtor’s management would be a huge improvement. They actually know how to manage people and run projects – something that EDS’ management hasn’t known how to do for over 5 years. It’d also probably mean a pay raise – which I know from experience doesn’t make the world perfect, but would help improve my attitude a bit. Much of my loathing for this job is the fact that two people that I constantly have to be a technical mentor to make ~$15,000 more a year than me. That has never helped me to feel as though I’m being treated fairly and has been a central part of harboring my feelings of hatred and disgust towards this evil empire.

    But anyblah, I ramble. If I go with Maxtor, I figure it’ll get a little bit better and maybe it’ll buy me another year to develop the photo stuff on the side. Right now, though, I just can’t wait to get home to the 2 lbs of juicy red steak that’s marinating in the fridge and fire up the grill. Then I’m gonna get my starter proofing so that I can get a sponge started for this weekend! Ahh, what really matters in life…

    Love, me, mo, moo, mow, boing
    · Sep 9, 02:12 PM
  3. Tyler responds with:

    Well said. And of course, like you said, taking the job doesn’t have to mean you’re signing away 20 more years of your life. And if it does get a little degrading or trying, you can always take a yoga class to help get you through. Or you can practice self-mutilation. Whatever works for you.
    · Sep 9, 06:55 PM
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