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Perfection... or nearly

Oct 11, 01:34 AM · from the mouth of Jim

So what is better than eating chocolate and drinking the brew of the gods… nothing really. (OK, so maybe my love for my wonderful woman person, but that’s just so sappy.)

So yeah, I just figured I would make the Tyty happy by posting and thought I would report that I am drinking some Extra Stout from a genuine Guinness glass (the ones with the real gold foil) and eating a warm cholocate muffin half. This is quite a lovely state if I may say so myself. The business taxes are something that need to get done, but since I just spent two hours cooking and cleaning, I figure a few minutes to type this up won’t hurt. Then again, I’ll be prepping some corned beef and cabbage up shortly for tomorrow’s dinner, so I’m afraid the taxes aren’t going to get finished. Wow, interesting that I’m drinking Guinness and that I’ll be prepping corned beef and cabbage, I really didn’t plan on having a late St. Paddy’s day – but that’s OK with me.

K, so how’s everyone doing? I’m quite fine myself. The old jobber isn’t anything terribly thrilling these days what with the shutting down of our company and letting go of everyone – we’re sorta just keeping everything running, which coincidentally isn’t that hard since we were such a damn good team and have always had a pretty well oiled datacenter. Outside o’ that, the photo business is humming along quite nicely. We don’t have quite the same load as last year, but that’s not a terribly bad thing since we were nutso this time a year ago. We’ll still hopefully make a decent amount of the $$ signs – and there are two new bodies budgetted in our futures (D200 and 30D), so all is well.

K, well, even I’m getting bored of this post as I’m typing it, so love you all and buhbye.



What dost thou thinketh? [2]

  1. TyTy responds with:

    Mmmm. Guinness and chocolate muffin. Did I mention that Jess made me a Guinness cake for my birthday? I’ve got to post a photo of it. It blew my mind. It was a regular yellow cake, but she shaped it to look like a glass of black gold, with the logo and everything. It was awesome!

    Since we’re discussing lovely treats, I had the best lunch I’ve had in a long long time today. I went to Ellwood Thompson’s, our friendly local natural foods market, and helped myself to the hot bar. Today was Indian day. I had all kinds of goo and glom, and I don’t know what most of it was called. There was a stewed chickpea, spinach and garlic goop. That was incredible. Then there was a 5-bean dahl, which is just a thick bean goo. Awesome. There was curried cabbage, which was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed cabbage so much. Then a tomato, potato, cauliflower curried dish. All of it was great. All vegetarian. And all healthy.

    In other news, I’m about to bottle my pumpkin beer.

    And in other other news, there’s other news.

    Love Ty.

    · Oct 11, 04:40 PM
  2. TyTy responds with:

    See the “My Awesome Wife” posting for a photo of the aforementioned cake.

    · Oct 14, 12:05 PM
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