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My butt stinks like yeast

Sep 9, 01:16 AM · from the mouth of Andy

Yay I finally made it to this thing!

Sorry for the absence. I’ve been engrossed in starting my new teaching job. Yesterday was the first day of school, and boy was it fun! The best part is, I actually get PAID tomorrow!!

Just wanted to let you all know I’m still alive – I haven’t read any of the postings on the site yet, but I should be caught up on those soon.

My cock bleeds for you!

-Mr. Man


Comment [1]

  1. Jim responds with:

    Yay Anny is here! We love Anny. Hey, glad the job is starting well. Keep us up to date…

    Me… the one who is known as… buuuurrrppp…
    · Sep 9, 02:00 PM
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