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Storm King

Nov 6, 07:21 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Yes yes, I’m FINALLY getting around to posting something substantive on here! As I mentioned in the comments somewhere else last week, Lisa and I recently took a trip to the Storm King Arts Center which is about 50 miles outside NYC. The trip was essentially to see the fall colors which are now in full bloom around here. However, the real attraction of the place is the art. It’s an all outdoor sculpture garden with a number of massive works – they were showcasing Mark di Suvero (hope I spelled that right) when we went, and they had a number of other artists featured. You all would love this place – a day trip there with all of us would be one of the most fun things I could possibly ever think of to do. But enough talk – here are some pics!

This should give you a general feel for the place:

Here’s a favorite sculpture that really showed the difference between Lisa and me:

One of Lisa’s attempts at an art shot, taken through a Calder sculpture:

Finally, an example of di Suvero that I mentioned above. Check out the scale!

Bootyful, no?


Thoughts? [3]

  1. TyTy responds with:

    Holy crap, that last one is enormous! And I LOVE Lisa’s sun shot. It’s quite good, and your/her camera did an excellent job with the contrast and colors! The clouds are gorgeous.

    That place looks great. I haven’t been to a sculpture park in a long time. I went to one in Mass on a college field trip, and remember going to a really cool one with my parents when I was a kid (don’t remember when or where.) I checked out the website… it looks awesome.

    · Nov 7, 11:16 AM
  2. TyTy responds with:

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Victory Brewing, from Pennsylvania, has a beer called Storm King. I think it’s a stout or a porter. I wonder if there’s any relation to this sculpture park…

    · Nov 7, 07:33 PM
  3. Jim responds with:

    Yes, very cool place Mr. Pease. BTW – I have to agree that the sun shot it totally cool. Very nicely done sir.

    · Nov 9, 02:34 AM
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