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I need a hug

Nov 21, 11:24 PM · from the mouth of Jim

On my way back from picking up my car, I was sitting at the very last light before my house when BAM, I watched a nearly brand new Maxima t-bone a Camry at about 40. I was first in line to turn, so it was front row seating. I called 911, threw my blinkers on and got out to make sure everyone was ok. Several other people were doing the same, so there was plenty of response. The people in the Camry jumped right out, while the lady in the Maxima cleared her a) head b) all the airbags that were limply surrounding her.

Since the Maxima turns into a gigantic marshmallow on that type of impact, I have no doubt that the lady driving it will be fine, but it’s so very upsetting to witness still. That’s the second really nasty accident that I’ve witnessed this year and I don’t know why, but it really just leaves me feeling so… i don’t know… just like a need a gigantic hug.

I think I’ll have Sarah drive me very carefully back to the auto shop to go get my pickup after she’s home from working (I had just picked up my Acura from having a frightful amount of work done on it and had to leave the truck since no one was around to drive me there). Then, I think I’ll be done with driving for the evening.

I was going to run out and make a test romp on the Acura, but I have this lingering feeling that the cosmos would prefer that I don’t drive (Brandon will undoubtedly be disappointed since I’m sure he’s gonna really want to feel the car). After watching the accident, I dropped my bags and the car giblets off in the garage and took the car out to confirm that the rattles I was hearing were just from the parts in the back flopping around. On my way around the long block, I watched a gigantic F250 have road rage on someone’s butt and then had someone nearly pull right out in front of me in perfect alignment for a similar t-boning. If I hadn’t been in ultra-paranoid mode and had leaned on the gas a bit harder, I most definitely would have yanked the guy’s’ bumper off.

Bleh, so much to ponder… life is a really fast, precious thing.


Comment [3]

  1. Jim responds with:

    K, so my wonderful woman person came home and gave me a great big hug, so I’m better now. :) And we survived the trip to get the truck, so now I’m going to finish processing a print and then we’re gonna cuddle up in bed.

    · Nov 22, 12:57 AM
  2. TyTy responds with:

    Amazing how something like bad driving can turn you into a philosopher.

    I’m sending you an e-hug Jimmy. Awwwwwwwe.

    ::follows e-hug by grabbing Jimmy’s butt::

    · Nov 22, 11:21 AM
  3. Andy responds with:

    what Tyler said.

    That sucks dude – I’m glad everyone involved was OK, especially you and the lady! It kinda reminds you that you’re mortal, right?

    · Nov 22, 02:05 PM
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