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Dec 22, 12:25 PM · from the mouth of Andy

So Lisa dnd I found out on Wednesday that we have a bedbug infestation! And what a pain in the ass it is. Not only do we both have bites (her moreso than me), but we essentially have to pack up and sterilize our entire apartment over the next few days. The real kicker is that she’s now in Cleveland, having flown out yesterday as scheduled. So we really did most of the packing & sanitizing Wednesday night until 3am. But it’s left our apartment a mess that I have to live with until I go back to CT, and then some more once I return home. All our clothes are in the kitchen in hermetically sealed plastic bags, and our belongings are gradually moving in that direction as I check them over. Our hope right now is that the bugs haven’t spread past the bedroom, and so far we haven’t found any sign of them anywhere else, so we’re also treating the spare room as a safe-haven for now. Unfortunately we’ll be dealing with this for a while, naturally when we’d both like to be enjoying the holiday.

So, I guess, keep us in your thoughts as we get rid of these pestiferous parasites. And then come visit once we put the place back together!

On a lighter note, see my next post.


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    Wow, bummer! It’s always rough trying to rid your home of infestations. I remember when we had fleas when we lived in Durham. That was REALLY bad.

    Oh well, it’s past my bed time. Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the…

    Meh, I couldn’t. It was just too easy.

    · Dec 23, 04:18 AM
  2. Jim responds with:

    Yuck dude, that seriously sucks – I read the wiki article and I can truly say that I feel for you. I never knew that they were such bastards to get rid of. It’s too bad that the typical “bug bomb” methods of getting rid of them aren’t necessarily effective.

    I remember those flea days of Tyty… I can’t imagine having them be even more nasty and bite hungry. Good luck Andy and cook them a nice Xmas ham – maybe they’ll like that more than you!

    · Dec 23, 02:10 PM
  3. Andrewicus responds with:

    Update: I talked to the most awesome exterminator yesterday. I guess I wouldn’t normally call an exterminator “awesome”, but this guy knew his stuff and sounded totally committed to eradicating these beasties. He answered all my silly questions and confirmed that everything we’ve done so far (mega-laundry, moving stuff out of the bedroom in cryogenically frozen capsules, etc.) was right. We may have even gone overboard! He comes on Tuesday to do the job. Best of all, our landlords are paying for it. Sometimes it’s good to be a renter.

    In the meantime, I’ll be spending Christmas here in CT with my family, my Gamecube, and our leftover Thanksgiving beer selection including 3 varieties of Sam, Ommegang Witte, Bass, Anchor Porter, and Guiness. Escapism, here I am!

    And if I haven’t said it already, Happy Holidays to you all! May your cups runeth over with beer and booty.

    · Dec 23, 06:21 PM
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