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We want...

Jan 10, 01:49 AM · from the mouth of Jim

Sarah and I have decided that we should definitely buy one (pssh… make that two) of these :)

OK, so we’re not really rich and we really can’t justify it, but we can always dream yes?

(Frightfully enough, for those of you that don’t know, we’re also sitting in front of our new 20” iMac (like Tyty’s).) Sorry Andy… I think you’re the last one who hasn’t been converted. :) But don’t fret, we’re still PC users.

Seriously though, wow… Apple seriously hit a home run here. This is the first of the “dorkberry” class devices that we’re lusting after. Eeek!!!!! I’m Thinking Different. (And my grammar is going to crap too.) :)

Oh yeah, watch the keynote – it’s actually kinda cool. (The A.D.D. child says she wasn’t bored too.) :)


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I know!!! I want tooooo!!!! But I’ve already got a sweet phone (dorkberry style) and a 60 gig iPod. And it’s 5 – 600 bucks, depending on whether you get 4 or 8 gigs.

    I’m such a Mac/gadget geek, that I was actually watching a text transcript of the keynote on Engadget as it was happening.

    Anyway, this thing is Super Sweet. The internet features and Google Maps are obscenely cool. I can’t tell you how many times Jess and I have been in the car and wished we had access to the internet. (I can get internet on my phone now, but it sucks.)

    I’m kinda surprised that it’s only for Cingular. I have Cingular, so I’m not complaining, but you’d think that they’d make it “universal” so it can be used with any carrier.

    The touch screen (or Multi-Touch, as they call it) is crazy cool. That may be the most innovative thing about it, and is probably a glimpse of things to come in the digital world as a whole. If you watch any number of sci-fi movies, (the second Matrix movie comes to mind), they’re not really using keyboards and mice… everything is done with gestures. This may be the first step into very cool new territory.

    I’ll add it to my list of wants, along with an HDTV, HD DVD player, TiVo series 3 (with HD), and an HD camcorder (are you seeing a theme here?). But with Baby K on the way, it’s probably gonna be a LONG time. Or at least until the second or third generation of the thing.

    · Jan 10, 12:20 PM
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