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Oh the sweet, sweet taste

Jan 12, 03:18 AM · from the mouth of Jim

... of booze and cameras. Hey wait, isn’t that supposed to be “of mice and men”? Meh, not in this case; I don’t heave nearly that much class. But I do have a glass, and it’s full of something yummy; something layered. Why yes… it’s an Oatmeal Cookie. Kind of a funny name for a drink ehh? Why yes, I would agree, but it’s just so durn good that I just couldn’t help but post about it. It is composed of equal amounts of (pay attention to this order if you want it to layer right), Kahlua , Bailey’s and Jäger. Kinda neat ehh? it tastes just as good as it looks. It’ll also give you that nice Bailey’sesque warmth running through your veins on a nice cool (12°) snowy CO evening. (According to a friend of ours, the Farmer’s Almanac claims that we’re going to have a “blizzard” every weekend for the next 6 weekends. Wow. I mean… have I mentioned… wow?! The snow from the last 2 huge storms hasn’t melted yet and we’re actively getting more as I type this.)

So it may seem as though this post is pretty much about booze and nothing important, but the reality is that I have a new toy – a very smooth, black, gorgeous toy. (And no… it’s not a sex toy.) It’s… a Nikon D200. Well children, I finally cracked and bought it. About two months ago, we finally replaced Sarah’s very well loved and exceptionally faithful Canon 300D with a beautiful new Canon 30D. She was very much in need of the new body for a myriad of reasons, but this last season had exposed that we both needed new bodies. Well, after a few months of deliberation and budgeting, I finally concluded that I could do it too and that I could easily justify it. I ordered it on the 21st of December and received last week thanks to all the splendid weather we’ve been getting lately. The wait may have been a great test of my patience, but trust me, it was well worth it. This is, quite literally, the camera that I’ve been waiting for since before I purchased my D70. Nikon listened to us and though they may have taken their sweet bloody time, they produced a digital F100 (+ more.)

I’m still in the process of digging through the vast and nearly overwhelming amount of features, options and toys in this thing, but I can already say that it’s going to be the best camera that I have owned yet. I hope that I can bring honor to its existence.

_Oh! I forgot to bring up a fun fact about the Oatmeal Cookie picture – I took it on the D200 at ISO1600. If you look at the larger size of it, you will notice a small bit of noise that has the seemingly typical Nikon Digital film grain flavor. I’m not sure how much you’ve played with higher ISOs on your digis, but if you have, you’ll probably notice that this thing has a truly splendid lack of noise at such a high ISO. We had thought that Canon had the edge in the noise arena (and it does when shooting in JPEG), but when processed from RAW in PShop CS2, the two bodies perform almost identically. Saweeet – those low light wedding ceremonies that forbid flash will be just a touch less hellish._


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    Sweet Jimmy!

    That is a delightfully low amount of noise at ISO-1600. You can definitely see the noise, but it’s pleasant and film-grainy, rather than dirty and full of multi-colored artifacts. I’m sure this toy will bring you many years of happiness and will boost your productivity and quality to a truly pro-level. Congrats!!

    The Oatmeal Cookie looks tasty! I may have to get me a bottle of Jäger (I already have some Kalua, and I made a batch of homemade Irish Creme the other day).

    A note about the photograph of it… As delightful as it looks, I can’t help but critique in this case. If this was meant to be on a magazine or something, (and I’m fully aware that it’s not, so don’t take this the wrong way) you’d want to make the drink in such a way that the upper portions of the glass didn’t get dirty. I’d also practice with making the drink so that the top layer (Jäger, I assume) didn’t mix with the Bailey’s at all. My job has brought me the fortunate opportunity to work with food stylists on photo shoots from time to time, such as this one I art directed for AMF Bowling (click for larger):

    I’ve learned that food stylists have all kinds of tricks for making food look appetizing. For instance, in the shot above, the glasses have been coated with a spray-on liquid glycerin to give the effect of condensation from the ice. The food has been painted with gravy master to give it that fresh-from-the-fryer sheen (despite the fact that it had been made earlier that morning and was cold and soggy!). And it’s all been pain-stakingly arranged just-so, in order to show off the best parts of everything. And since we didn’t want to waste good booze, the drinks are made with seltzer water (for the gin & tonic) and cranberry and water (for the cosmo). On shots where we had to show beer, the stylist added a special “foaming agent” to the beer, then stuck a thing that looked like a fish tank aerator in the brew and blew in it to create head. That’s actually a line of work I could see myself enjoying. But anyway. Again, I wasn’t criticizing your photo, just found it to be a good opportunity to talk about some of the fun stuff I’ve learned.

    By the way, I don’t know how you embed your thumbnail in your text and then set it to pop-up when clicked. I’ll have to figure that out…

    · Jan 12, 12:24 PM
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