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Spring is Springing

Feb 21, 04:43 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

I love spring. Oh, I think it’s got to be my favorite season. It’s hard to say though, because I love all the seasons! Winter least of all though, so when spring arrives, it’s like taking a big relaxing breath. Ahhhhhhh!

It’s pretty wintery here now, but little signs of spring keep turning up. Birds singing, when a few weeks ago they were silent. Trees budding, (even though we found a cherry tree in full blossom in January!) The chill in the air is starting to lift and the breeze smells fresh. I actually smelled a charcoal grill last night… someone in the neighborhood was obviously jonesing for some grilled food! The lawn doesn’t need mowing yet, but I can tell that it will soon.

Here’s a picture of a daffodil I took in my backyard about a half hour ago. It’s cropped pretty tightly, so you can’t tell, but it’s sitting at the edge of the yard in a line of ivy. Oh this makes me so happy.

Jordan was outside with me hunting for squirrels and birds…

Daylight saving time begins this year (or is it that daylight saving time ends?) on March 11th. That’s way earlier than in the past. So that’s exciting. Daylight saving time is practically a national holiday for me! I love that extra hour of sunlight! It provides so much more time to walk the dogs, take pictures, and cook on the grill after work. I hate when in the middle of winter, I leave work and it’s already pitch dark out. That’s no longer the case for me now that it’s February, but it still gets dark pretty soon after I get home.

Speaking of holidays, one week after daylight saving time begins (I checked… it begins), it’s St. Paddy’s Day! Woo hoo! My other favorite holiday! It’s also Jess and my 1.5 year anniversary.

Well I don’t want Hajee to feel left out, so here’s a shot of him too. It’s indoors and therefore not representative of spring, which is why I didn’t include it above, but he’s cute darn it! It’s not even in focus because I wasn’t looking through the viewfinder… I had the camera at about waist-level just pointing it in his general direction. He’s looking up at me.

And one last comment on all this spring business: It’s still February… Can you say Global Warming?


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  1. Jimmy's Girlie responds with:

    Well, I guarantee you we’re having the most wintery winter that I have EVER seen in Colorado! It has actually been snow-less and 50 degrees here for three whole days… so it’s actually starting to melt the snow left over from the blizzard (which, by the way, was over two months ago).

    I agree, Tyty… Spring is my FAVORITE! The 50 degree weather has been heaven. The sunshine is lifting my spirits to be sure. (Though it is supposed to snow again soon… dammit I’m sick of this…) We aren’t quite having the growth that you are in VA yet… but soon, my darlings… soon.

    Although March tends to be our snowiest month… and April too… so we’ll see how that goes! But my birthday is in March, Jim’s birthday is in March (23rd and 28th… yes we’re 5 years minus 5 days apart in age haha)... and then there’s daylight savings the 11th, St. Paddy’s day the 17th, and the official first day of spring the 21st or 22nd. Okay, that totally wasn’t in order, but to top it all off…

    March 6th is our 3 year anniversary! Holy crap kids, that went really fast! (I love you Jimmy!!)

    Yep, March has to be the best month of the whole year. I’m getting excited to plant that grass seed soon.

    Love and springiness to you all!

    · Feb 22, 12:25 AM
  2. Andy responds with:

    Love the pics Tyty. I agree that spring is a truly wonderful season, punctuated by MY B-DAY on April 2nd, and of course all of my siblings’ birthdays in that same month as well. So, unlike Sarah, I guess I prefer April…

    This April will be extra special because, as I may have alluded to before, Lisa and I are taking a special trip to Amsterdam. The impetus for the trip is my friend Barbara’s wedding in the Dutch countryside. But we’re there for 5 days – lucky me, my April break falls right at the perfect time to make this trip workable! So we’re really looking forward to that – it’s just over a month away!

    In general, I find spring to be a time of great hope and joy. Why, you ask? Because everyone I work with is gleefully anticipating the end of the school year, which comes right with the end of spring! Truly glorious indeed. Let’s hope it comes, in earnest, very soon!

    · Feb 22, 02:14 PM
  3. Iak responds with:

    Yeah I’d have to say Spring will be very welcome when it comes soon. My biggest issue isn’t the cold it’s that Daylight savings stuff. I hate going to work in the dark and leaving work in the dark.

    But my favorite season (even though my B-day’s coming) is still Autumn.

    TyTy… How silly are these people? You’ve been doing this for years.

    · Feb 22, 03:05 PM
  4. Jess responds with:

    I love the tip-art videos Jake! I should have seen those ten years ago! I almost NEVER use cash anymore, so I don’t really get an opportunity to leave tip art anymore.

    Just so you all know, I have a new (albeit frivolous) blog posting on my personal blog. There’s even a video!

    Tyler & Jess, 2.0

    · Feb 24, 11:15 PM
  5. Iak responds with:

    What a cute little video Jess.

    I actually posted a video myself on Friday night. John and Bryan got to see it Superbowl Sunday. And I’ve been “advertising” it all over the place. But I’m sure you guys will have a much easier time if I mention it here, and not just in a post from a month ago…

    Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump

    · Feb 25, 09:58 PM
  6. TyTy responds with:

    Whoops… that was me commenting above, not Jess. Our home computer must’ve thought I was Jess from a previous posting she did. Oh well.

    Here’s what I tried posting on your bungy blog, but it wouldn’t let me:

    Wow Jake! I wouldn’t have had the guts. You looked so at ease just before you jumped!

    · Feb 26, 11:25 AM
  7. Iak responds with:

    Whoops, sorry ‘bout that Ty.

    Like I mentioned, I’ve never been averse to the possibility. And even though Kate never actually challenged me I took her disbelief as a motivation for growing a pair. ;)

    A guy who was jumping when we arrived took a half dozen attempts to get himself to leap. It looked like it would be much harder if you think about it too much.

    Now if she went sky diving and talked me into that... ;)

    · Feb 26, 02:07 PM
  8. Andy responds with:

    Holy crap Jake, you just threw yourself right off that thing! I am truly in awe!

    I think you’re now officially my hero. You must have huevos like Van Wilder’s dog. I wanna have your babies!

    · Feb 26, 02:23 PM
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