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Time for an update

Apr 18, 05:38 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Wow. I check GoofyGuys every day, religiously, and there hasn’t been an update in over two weeks. So let’s get busy!

Let’s see… Well, as everyone knows now, there was an awful shooting here in VA on Monday. It’s just devastating and horrific. And it’s been dominating local and national news for three days. So I’ll get off that topic now, after mentioning that I just feel so sad for the victims, their families, and friends.

In other news, I just got slammed with two financial hits this week. We did our taxes on Monday and found out that we owe $2000. Ouch. We must have had our withholdings wrong. And then just a minute ago (while writing this) I found out that my car needs $1400 is repairs. Eeeek! As my coworker just put it, I’ll “be eating Ramen noodles for a while!”

Which makes for a nice transition to this posting on my blog, where I detail a very fancy meal I just cooked.

Here’s a teaser picture:

In browsing through the archive, I see that Andy hasn’t posted to GoofyGuys is 66 days, and Jimmy hasn’t posted in 97 days!! 97!!! Even Bryan has posted more recently than that! Come on guys. What’s the problem — not feeling very Goofy lately?

And finally, I’m itching to hear about Andy’s trip to Amsterdam. Spill, Pease, spill!

Love, Ty.


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  1. Andy responds with:


    I too check here religiously. In fact, I was shocked to find that nothing had changed here when I got back from Amsterdam. That was a week and half ago, though… and still very little has happened!

    Speaking of Amsterdam, I do intend to post about it soon. Suffice it to say that it was a very memorable trip! Lisa took all the pictures (my camera broke a couple months back), so I’m waiting for her to organize them and decide which ones she likes. Unfortunately she’s away on business this week, so we’ll all be waiting a bit longer… rest assured there will be a post in the near future!

    Sorry about your financial hits. I don’t understand all this tax stuff – I’ve only ever gotten refunds, but so many people I know seem to owe! I dread the day when I’ll owe… I hope they at least let you pay it out over time, especially with Megatron on the way! And if it makes you feel any better I recently had to pour $900 into my car for new tires and struts.

    I’m in school. I shouldn’t say much more. Only 9.5 weeks till school’s out!

    · Apr 19, 03:22 PM
  2. Jimmy's Girlie responds with:

    A Teaser…

    Jimmy and I have a special post we need to make, but pawr Jimmy’s been too tired to help my start my own.

    His new job is kicking his @$$. In a “too-tired-to-move” sort of way… he’s got the brains and ability (of course!) but they have like 5 priority #1s and 4 priority #2s… and they’re all big projects. And then they trap him into 4 hours of meetings every day so that he can’t work on any of them. (Stupid.) He’s been pretty grumpy the last few weeks, you know how he runs on lack of sleep… but yesterday he was perky because he got a haircut! Yay, I missed my bouncy Jimmy…

    Anyway, hopefully we’ll have some fun news to share soon…

    Oh, and Jimmy’s mommy gets into town tomorrow. TOMORROW! Crap, I need to go clean the bathroom…

    Luv Yas!

    · Apr 24, 01:54 PM
  3. Iak responds with:

    Man, you guys are the king and queen of leaving us hanging. ;)

    Not too much new around here. I finished version 2 of Kate’s site. It has a couple bugs but mostly it’s working well (the weirdest one is color shift on png images). She even posted the videos she made last year.

    Also I went and saw Hot Fuzz on Sunday. Mark thought it was too slow in the beginning. But I contest it was planned that way so no worries. Especially since it was funny throughout.

    Speaking of Mark, his girlfriend got a job in Hawaii so he’s moving there next month.

    · Apr 25, 11:30 AM
  4. Andy responds with:

    I agree with Jake – I’ve been checking this site at least 5 times daily waiting for your “special post” to materialize. I’m on the edge of my seat!

    Say hi to Jimmy’s mommy, though. And don’t let the new job get you down!

    By the way Jake, Kate’s site looks awesome. Good work!

    Finally, we’re editing our Amsterdam pictures tonight, so my post about it ought to appear sometime this weekend. Of course it will be immediately overshadowed by whatever Sarimothy has to say… but that’s OK. Post!

    · Apr 27, 11:52 PM
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