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Livin' on the Cheap - Part II

May 14, 03:11 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Jess and I are coming to terms with the fact that with her out of work when the baby comes, we’re gonna be POOR! We met with a financial advisor the other day who basically said we could do it, but it’s gonna be tight. So with that in mind, we’ve been exploring ways to live more frugally and stretch our grocery budget as far as it can go. Here then, is my offering to you:

Roast Chicken in three acts.

Act One: Roast Chicken

I began by basing this meal off of my mom’s recipe for Spring Chicken, which you can find at her blog, Beautiful Soup. (Yes, my mom has a blog.)

I bought a roasting chicken for six bucks. It was a little more than 4 lbs. I washed it off, removed the giblets, neck, and whatever else was inside it, and put them aside for later. Then I coated the whole thing with a mixture of softened butter, dried tarragon, rosemary, thyme, onion powder, salt, and pepper. I stuck it in the oven on a roasting pan. I stared the oven out real hot, at 450°, but as soon as I stuck it in, I lowered it to 425°. After 20 minutes, I added some white wine to the pan and lowered the heat to 350° and cooked it for an hour. After an hour, I poured a little more wine over it, and added a probe thermometer (A brilliant invention. If you don’t have one, get one! Here’s one on Amazon) I took it out when the probe (inserted into the thigh) read 180°. Then set it on a cutting board to rest for a few minutes, and serve.

To go with, I made a simple gravy out of the pan drippings, flour, and more wine. Then I served the chicken breasts with the gravy and some steamed potatoes and green beans. Mmmm.

Act Two: Chicken Salad

After dinner, I shredded up any leftover white meat. Add some mayo, some salt and pepper, and you’ve got a beautiful chicken salad to go on a sandwich or a lettuce salad or whatever. Simple and wonderful.

Act Three: Cream of Chicken Soup

Here’s the grand finale. I picked over the carcass and removed as much meat as I could. I fed the skin to the dogs. They were in heaven. Then I took the carcass, put it in a pot along with the innards from earier and covered with water, brought it to a boil, and then down to a simmer for about a half hour (longer would have been better, but I was on a schedule). Then I strained the bones out, and worked the gravy into the stock. It wasn’t quite as thick as I wanted (it is CREAM OF chicken soup after all), so I added some more flour. I added the meat I pulled from the carcass, as well as some frozen peas and diced red potatoes. Then I cooked it a while longer till the potatoes were done. That’s it.

One six-dollar chicken resulted in roughly eight meals. Delish!


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  1. Tyler responds with:

    Jimmy, Oh Jimmy, where for art thou Jimmy? It has been a shocking 123 days since the last time you posted anything to GoofyGuys (not including Sarahmonster’s posting a couple of weeks ago).

    Catch us up Jimmy! I understand your new job is challenging you in ways you didn’t expect. Perhaps you’d like to gripe about that? Or maybe you’d like to update us as to the condition of your yard re-grading project. Or perhaps you’d like to post some pictures of your puppies? Or tell us how the Martin Sexton concert was last month. Or maybe you’d like to give us a detailed description of what life on your home planet is like. We miss you Jimmy!

    Speaking of posting pictures of dogs, we started a new Flickr account over the weekend. If anyone’s interested, we’ve got tons of pictures like this one to view and enjoy. Just click on Hajee for the rest:

    · May 15, 02:25 PM
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