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Milkweed Dirge

May 15, 08:09 PM · from the mouth of Andy

In this cloud of nostalgia that I seem to have stirred up sits memory of our acquaintances from the Pollies days. I speak specifically of the men that were Milkweed Dirge. I still have their tape as well, featuring me on trumpet! Remember those guys?

Well, long story short, at least one of them has been making a name for himself recently. Tyondai Braxton, their singer and guitarist, is a very interesting solo artist who does crazy experiments with effects – check him out on youtube! He’s also in the band Battles, who apparently fall into the math rock genre. (I know: “math rock?”) But they’re touring Europe now – they must be doing something right! I listened, and I didn’t really like their music at first. But now I can’t get their song Atlas out of my head. It’s some good stuff!

I also, periferally, looked up Jon Zorn, the Milkweed bassist. He has also done interesting musical stuff. The others, I couldn’t find.

Now, the backstory, for the avid readers out there:

I actually first remembered them a couple years ago, when I was reading the print edition of The Onion. The back part isn’t news satire, but ads and serious, underground pop-culture review stuff. Nestled among the ads was the invitation: “to advertise in The Onion contact Tyondai Braxton at” some e-mail address. So I thought, there can only possibly be one Tyondai Braxton, former singer and guitarist of Milkweed Dirge, so I sent him an e-mail, and I was right! He sent me nice reply. And so I let it lie.

Then last summer I went with my buddy James to this concert down at the World Financial Center. Anthony Braxton, avant-garde jazzman and Wesleyan professor, was leading the premiere performance of his piece for 100 tubas. It was amazing!

While there I remembered that he was Tyondai’s father, and I told James that I’d once played in a band with his son.

So James comes back to me last week and says he’s heard about Ty – and didn’t I play in a band with that guy? Oh yeah. And that’s how I finally came to look up all the stuff above.

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Comment [2]

  1. Tyler responds with:

    Wow. Lot’s to “wow” about.

    Ty’s solo stuff is…. interesting. Same with Jon’s. After some serious clicking around, I found a page with his music. Interesting.

    I dig “Battles.” I’m not sure I would listen to it often, but it’s cool. Their video on YouTube is AWESOME! They’re a pretty serious band, huh? Apparently.

    Yeah, I remember them. My memory is kinda vague, but I remember that they were real nice to us. I remember playing with them at the the Middlefield rec center and also somewhere in Middletown… was it Oddfellows Playhouse?

    Cool stuff.

    Speaking of old Pollies aquantances, remember Token? I think I’ve still got their CD, “Tie Die Scuda Fa.” I tried Googling them, but found nothing. I was always impressed by those guys… they were a real tight band.

    · May 16, 06:17 PM
  2. Tynan responds with:

    I had that Ecna Lubma tape as well, i want it badly, how can i get a copy from you?

    · Mar 26, 01:05 PM
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