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A new arrival

Jun 16, 12:50 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Nah, I’m just messing with you. No baby yet.

But I do have a new song!! Actually, to call it a song is a stretch. Its really just an 8 minute long ambient chill/jam track. Truly, it doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s just a layering of different sounds, including guitars, bass, beats, didgeridoo, synth pads, and human breath and whisper sounds. I put it together last night. It’s called Didg Dream, although truthfully, the didg was the last thing I added. BTW, Garage Band is super cool. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t say enough about this beginner-level consumer grade recording program. One particularly cool thing it does is tunes your instrument for you digitally. My didg is just slightly flat of a D. Garage Band has this nifty little thing where it can adjust it up to be perfectly in tune.

Here it is:

Didg Dream

Speaking of music, I’m into some new stuff lately, and I think you’ll dig it. I went to Barnes and Noble the other night and had a look at what they had to offer. I tend to like their pop/rock picks, and the following were found there:

The first is Feist. Feist is actually Leslie Feist, a Canadian singer/songwriter/guitarist. She’s super cool. She’s collaborated with fellow Canadians Broken Social Scene (a band I’ve recommended in the past) and spent a few years living, writing, and performing in Paris. Her first major solo album was released in 2004 called Let it Die, and received international acclaim. Now she has a new album out called The Reminder and I think it’s really fabulous. Let it Die was fantastic as well, but I don’t love it as much… it has a lot of disco influence. The new one is beautiful and contemporary and really cool. I recommend it highly. Click on the album cover to go to her website. Once there, watch her videos for “My Moon, My Man” and “1234”. Both are extraordinary songs, and both videos feature some unique and strangely enjoyable choreography.

The other artist I discovered was Laura Veirs. While I’d heard of Feist before, Laura Veirs was totally new to me. She too is a singer/songwriter/guitarist. She grew up in Colorado and now lives in Portland, OR. She’s collaborated with The Decemberists. According to her Wikipedia entry, she studied geology and Mandarin Chinese in college and lived for a time in China workiong as a translator. One of the reviews at B&N described her music as “Nerd Rock,” and I’d say that’s a very fitting label. I really love it. Her voice is delightfully amateur sounding (I mean that as a compliment), and her songwriting is innocent and beautiful. I can’t stop listening to her newest CD, Saltbreakers. Click on her album cover to go to her website. There are links to videos on YouTube and MP3s. (BTW, in a bio on her site, she says that she recorded the demo for this album in Garage Band!)


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    OMG Jimmy and Sarahmonster: Feist is performing this Friday, the 22nd, at Boulder Theater. You should go!!!!! Click here for tickets. Was I wrong about Martin Sexton? No, I wasn’t. I’m sure Feist is awesome too!!

    · Jun 16, 01:10 PM
  2. Jimmy's Girlie Saree responds with:


    I think I’m so excited for your baby to arrive, that I had a really weird dream. I don’t know if I should even be putting this on Goofy Guys, Jim will hate me (no he won’t), LoL…

    Anyway, so in my dream, Jim and I got pregnant… only apparently in my dream it’s possible for men to carry the baby. Anyway, so the due date arrived, and for some reason I couldn’t go to the hospital for the birth. It was a girl, and we got her home (for some reason, no reason to name the baby in my dream), and we had NOTHING in the way of baby provisions. I was stressed out.

    Yeah. Like I said, really weird dream.

    The music sounds cool… We’ll have to see about it :)

    Good luck Ty! I’m secretly pooling for Kiernan to be born tomorrow, on Father’s Day, because that would just be super cool.


    · Jun 16, 04:41 PM
  3. TyTy responds with:

    Oh, I can’t wait till Jimmy gets pregnant! That will be so exciting!! Are you guys trying? Jimmy, have you gone off the pill? I can’t wait!

    Anyway, I’ll take this as an opportunity make a correction. Our baby’s name will be Kieran, not Kiernan. I don’t mean to make you feel bad about the mistake Sarah, people do it all the time. And that’s why I’m saying this now. MANY people seem to think it’s Kiernan, regardless of how clearly we say his name. My own grandmother can’t even get it right. I read a blog posting the other day about people calling other people’s kids by the wrong name, and the parents being too afraid of confrontation to correct them. But the longer you let someone use the wrong name, the harder and more awkward it becomes to correct them.

    So just for the record, it’s Kieran, not Kiernan. This is for everyone who reads this, not just Sarahmonster.

    (THIS however is for Sarahmonster and Jimmy: Go see Feist!!)


    · Jun 16, 08:52 PM
  4. Jimmy's Girlie Saree responds with:

    Oh, I just slipped because I sometimes babysit a Kiernan… habit, you know :)

    · Jun 16, 09:43 PM
  5. Andy responds with:

    Ty! Your Didg Dream is awesome! Have you been listening to much Pink Floyd or Dave Gilmour recently? Your soloing is very much in that style, and it works really well with the digeridoo and everything else. I don’t suppose they make Garage Band for PCs? Not that my slow, 4 year old machine could handle it anyhow. Ooh, I love the effects at the end of the song too!

    Kieran it is! I’ve never met a Kiernan before… although one of my 2nd grader’s names was misspelled as such on his class list. Can I still call him Megatron?

    I’ll have to check out your music recommendations. My most recent CD buy netted me Bjork’s new album

    which I like a whole lot. A couple of the tracks were produced by Timbaland, who helped make Justin Timberlake into the pop star he is. Also, Bjork orchestrated a whole bunch of the songs for brass band, to very chilling, goosebumpy effect. She’s apparently really good at it, because they sound fantastic! Jimmy, you’ll appreciate the tuba harmonies on them.

    So Ty, let us know when Kieran comes. I know you’ll have plenty of waking hours to fill us all in… ;-)

    · Jun 17, 01:17 AM
  6. Tyler responds with:

    Okay, so I thought I’d post this here, since it’s music related, not baby related.

    Last night I was hangin’ with my in-laws and listening to Pink Floyd’s Animals. Right in the middle of the song “Dogs,” Jordan starts howling along with the dog on the recording. HOWLING! In her whole life, I’ve heard her howl ONCE before, and it was many years ago. I was dumbstruck. So I grabbed my camera, restarted that part of the song, and sure enough, she did it again!!! Excellent!

    So without further a due, Jordan sings Pink Floyd!

    · Jun 25, 05:12 PM
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