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2 Week Update

Jul 9, 12:05 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

I promised a two week update, so here we go. Technically, Kieran will be 3 weeks old tomorrow, but most of these photos were taken last week. It’s just a little slideshow set to Elizabeth Mitchell’s rendition of Woody Guthrie’s “Who’s My Pretty Baby”. Fun!

By the way, I don’t think he’s wearing anything that would qualify as a jumpsuit (sorry guys…) but he is wearing a onesie that says “Born in 2007” at one point towards the end.

Sidenote— I LOVE how easy YouTube makes it to upload your own videos and embed them in blogs like this one. I hope they archive these videos indefinitely…

Love Ty


Comment [8]

  1. Jimmy's Girlie Saree responds with:

    So cute! Looks like you guys have had a great first couple of weeks :) Thanks so much for satisfying my curiosity.

    Love and Hugs!

    · Jul 9, 12:16 PM
  2. Tyler responds with:

    Saturday, July 21st.

    Mark your calendars, cause we’re having a “Welcome to the World, Kieran” party at my parents’ house. I’m not sure exactly what time it will be, but I’d love to have you all over if you’re free. Some of my extended family will likely be there as well, but that Saturday is our one day in Connecticut, so we’ve got to cram it all in to one day. But I’d love to see you all! (I’m mainly speaking to Andy (and Lisa) and Jake since they’re the only ones who live in the area that regularly check this page, but Jimmy and Sarah, the invite is of course extended to you as well. Same goes for Bryan of course, although he only graces us with his presence once every few months.)

    The next time we come home after that will be in October…

    · Jul 9, 01:34 PM
  3. Andy responds with:

    Depends on the time, but I think we can make it. Thanks for the invite! I don’t suppose you’ll be home and accepting visitors over Labor Day weekend? We’d like to come down if possible.

    Very cute slideshow – I love the pictures of him and the dogs!

    Random non-sequitur: Jake, does textpattern now come with a spellchecker, or is that just the new version of Firefox? I’m getting red underlines under certain uncommon words. Like Thundercats and Zizzybalooba and snackycakes.

    · Jul 10, 01:15 AM
  4. Tyler responds with:

    Our friend Michelle is coming for a visit that weekend (I’m sure you remember her). I don’t see why we can’t double up. I thought you were doing your Tour of the South earlier in August?

    · Jul 10, 01:25 PM
  5. Iak responds with:

    That’s Firefox giving you the spell checker. :)

    · Jul 10, 03:05 PM
  6. Andy responds with:

    Yeah – we had to change our plans around a little bit due to some scheduling. But if you don’t think Michelle would mind, it would be great to see her too!

    · Jul 10, 07:21 PM
  7. Iak responds with:

    So what time will it be this weekend? Earlier in the day, evening? I keep almost forgetting about it. But I don’t wanna miss it.

    · Jul 18, 03:18 PM
  8. Tyler responds with:

    Oh right, I keep almost forgetting to update you. It’ll be at 5pm on Saturday.

    I know you all remember how to get there, but here’s my parent’s address in case you want to Google Maps it:

    41 Chalburn Rd, Redding, CT, 06896

    · Jul 18, 04:07 PM
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