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Our new .Mac web gallery

Aug 31, 11:45 AM · from the mouth of Tyler

I recently got Mac’s newest suite of digital lifestyle software, iLife ‘08, and it totally rocks. The new iPhoto is seriously sweet with its “events” and the new iMovie is completely redesigned to be easier for the average idiot to use (like myself). There’s been a lot of complaints in the online community that iMovie ‘08 is far inferior to the previous version, but I’ve actually got both versions, so no harm done.

One of the coolest additions to iLife is the .Mac Web Gallery. This lets you add photos and movies to an online gallery that can be viewed in gorgeous detail in a slew of different options. It even allows friends and family to submit their own pictures, even if they don’t have a Mac! I just got ours started, so it’s still small, but you can get a feel for how powerful the photo gallery features are. Play around with it! Also, the movie “Welcome, Kieran” is one I just made with the new iMovie. It’s set to a song I wrote for him when he was in the womb.

Here it is:

By the way, the movie may take a few minutes to load, depending on your connection. And if you don’t have the Quicktime plugin (and don’t feel like installing it) you can also watch it on YouTube. But the quality is FAR better on the .Mac page.

By the way Andy… Jim, Sarah, Jake, and Bryan have all switched to the dark side. Perhaps this new version of iLife (with a sexy new version of Garage Band, I might add) is enough reason to make the switch! Learn more about Macs and iLife here.



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