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Pickled Pollies go digital!

Sep 8, 12:19 AM · from the mouth of Andy

I don’t think I need to say much here. Most of the process is explained in the link. I will say, though, that our very earliest stuff still needs to be transferred over. In the meantime, enjoy 20 tracks of Pickled Pollies brilliance!

The NEW IMPROVED Pickled Pollies sound clip page


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  1. Tyler responds with:


    I’m so glad we finally did that. Jess has never really heard the Pollies, and the same is probably true of The Sarahmonster. Finally, we have digital files that we can put on iPods, iTunes playlists, and websites, rather than just a few sacred cassette tapes. I think it’s funny, by the way, that we skipped over an entire technology (CDs).

    Pickled Pollies Japanese tour, 2009!!

    · Sep 11, 12:32 PM
  2. Tyler responds with:

    Jimmy? Jake? Have you checked these out yet? As Andy mentioned, the sound quality isn’t superb, but it’s good enough and really brings back memories!

    I mentioned this in a previous posting, but Andy and I brewed a beer while he was visiting, and it’s got potential to be really great! It’s an Earl Grey Pale Ale and it smells divine! Basically I just followed a recipe for a Bass Ale knock-off only added a bunch of deliciously fragrant Earl Grey tea.

    And finally, just for kicks, here are a few pictures of Andy and I making beer, and my baby boy.

    · Sep 13, 06:31 PM
  3. Andy responds with:

    Thanks for putting those pics up Ty! For the record, I had woken up about 5 minutes before you stuck Kieran on me for that 3rd pic. My bedhead is out in its full glory! I can’t wait to try our beer. Brewing with you made me want my own homebrew set, but alas my little 2 bedroom apartment doesn’t have room for all the stuff!

    I plan to use some of the now-digitized Pickled Pollies music in my 5th grade classes next week. I could never have done that before! I’m VERY curious what Jim and Jake (and our other regular readers) have to say about the songs!!!

    · Sep 13, 08:27 PM
  4. Iak responds with:

    Sorry ‘bout that. I just got back from Ireland on Wednesday night. It was fun and I got to drive on the other side of the road and junk. Hopefully I’ll be posting about it on the other weblog with a summary here or something. But right now I’ve been trying to catchup. :)

    That’s so great that you guys did all that work to get the music digitized. :) I’ll have to share this page on Facebook or something so everyone can see how cool we were ten years ago. ;D

    · Sep 14, 04:02 PM
  5. Mel responds with:

    these pix are adorable!!!!!

    · Sep 15, 04:01 PM
  6. Sarahmonster responds with:

    I did check it out, and I showed Jimmy. He was happy they weren’t lost for good! I just had time to listen to a few tracks, but I must admit it’s much better than I had thought a high school band would sound, based on the high school bands at my school LoL. :) Rock on!

    · Sep 15, 10:04 PM
  7. Mandi responds with:

    Wow, listening to those really brought back memories…good times :-)

    · Sep 16, 12:01 PM
  8. Andy responds with:

    Mel! Mandi! Awesome! It’s nice to hear from some of our old, um, “fans”.

    I just played a few of the tracks for the violin teacher at my school. He was very impressed! I’ll report more after I play “Heel” for my 5th graders this week. They’ll let me know in no uncertain terms whether we’re still relevant.

    · Sep 17, 02:28 PM
  9. TyTy responds with:

    Hey, I just realized that this is Andy’s first post in 115 days! Yeay, welcome back Andy!!

    Now as for Jimmy… (you’re in trouble mister!)... Jimmy’s last post was 143 days ago, but it was actually a Sarahmonster post. Jimmy’s last post that was his own was 249 days ago!!!! That’s more than NINE MONTHS ago!!! Jimmy! For shame!

    · Sep 17, 11:55 PM
  10. Andy responds with:

    So I played “Heel” for my 5th graders throughout the week. I presented it in a lesson about diction as an example of not so great diction, in contrast to an excellent diction selection from “The Lion King.” I played the first minute and a half of it, up to the beginning of the hard rock section. In every case, I revealed that it was my band only after they heard it the first time. The reactions were quite interesting!

    The first class, on Tuesday, IMMEDIATELY upon hearing the first notes said it sounded old and started dancing around like their idea of “hippies” (even though they were supposed to be sitting in their chairs). When I told them it was from 1997, they said “No wonder it sounds old!”

    Wednesday’s class, when I asked whose voice it was on the recording, guessed Kurt Cobain and a couple other legitimate rock stars before they figured out it was me. They were impressed, and seemed to like the song a lot, even though one of them said later that it was boring in the beginning. The hard rock section was definitely a hit with them.

    Thursday’s class took a loooong time figuring out that it was me. Once they did, they asked if I had been famous, and then asked why I would ever be a teacher if I had once been in a rock band. When I told them it was from 1997, one girl said she didn’t realize I was that old! After all, these kids were all BORN in 1997!! But I explained that I got together with all my best friends in high school and that we just played music together, and that it was fun and relatively easy for us to do. That seemed to explain it for them.

    On a semi-related note, another music teacher told me about an indepent music website,, that lets people submit music. I’m thinking about putting some of my favorite Pollies songs up there to see how they do. So, in the interest of feedback, which ones are your top 5 favorites? I know it’s like picking between children… I can’t really even do it!

    · Sep 21, 01:08 PM
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