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10 Year Reunion

Nov 12, 06:10 PM · from the mouth of Jake

So this morning I got an interesting text message from Alicia Bethke. Apparently our class reunion is the 24 th of November. I wish I had known about this earlier as I have something that conflicts. But I thought all of you guys should know about it if you hadn’t heard. I know I hadn’t. To add insult to injury apparently the RSVP deadline is today. I’ll share this on Facebook and include Carla’s email address in a comment so you guys can respond.

I would have posted this immediately this morning, but I was hoping for some more information.


Comment [12]

  1. Andy responds with:

    Dammit – I’m not sure if I wanna go to something that none of you guys will be at, and that I haven’t actually been invited to. Ty, any chance the family will steer that way? Jake, any insights onto why none of us got invites?

    · Nov 13, 01:03 AM
  2. Tyler responds with:

    Meh. To tell you the truth, I’m really not all that interested in going. There are a few people I wouldn’t mind seeing again, but honestly, I think I’d rather spend that night relaxing with my family and potentially you guys if you can make it to Redding that weekend.

    There are a lot of great people that went to school with us, but for me, that part of my life is sort of a closed book. I’m not trying to be negative, and I’m not at all bitter about anything or towards anyone. That’s just where I’m at right now.


    · Nov 13, 12:05 PM
  3. Jim responds with:

    Awesome… why did I know this was going to happen—Laura’s class pulled the same deal on her and gave two weeks of notice. Pardon my slight bitterness, but does anyone other than us ever think outside of their comfortable New England bubble and remember that some people create lives that are a flight away from the old stomping grounds? To be honest, I had kind of hoped to go to ours, but now… yeah, I don’t think I want to take a loan out for a flight. Grrr…

    · Nov 13, 04:04 PM
  4. Iak responds with:

    Well I don’t really have any answers. I still haven’t heard any actual facts about the event (apparently Alicia is waiting the the email too). And from what I’ve found hardly anyone knew about it. I think it was hoped that people would pass it along through the grapevine instead of sending out actual invitations or posting something in the local papers. Don’t ask me why they ignored the Internet and all the benefits it provides for tracking down people.

    I did talk to Bry last night and he was of the Tyler consensus, screw ‘em if they can’t do five minutes of work. haha

    I’m more of the mind of Jim, while I don’t need to see everyone I still would have liked to go. If I had more notice I wouldn’t be busy then.

    I was hoping I could pass along business cards so I’d vicariously be there. ;)

    · Nov 13, 04:39 PM
  5. Andy responds with:

    I definitely sort of want to go…I still might, since Lisa and I will be vaguely around that whole weekend. I think I’m of the Jake/Jim mindset. It would be nice to see people, I’m just not sure I’ll have time!

    My mom still works in the district. They could have found me in about 10 minutes. Eh.

    · Nov 13, 05:19 PM
  6. Jim responds with:

    So did anyone attend—if ya did… give us the scoop! :)

    · Nov 25, 02:23 AM
  7. Andy responds with:

    Yes, I was there. Lisa came too.

    As soon as we got in the door, we saw Dan Teneyck (hope I spelled that right). He’s a high school English teacher in Tolland county, CT. He was with his girlfriend, who’s also a teacher. We talked to them for a while, which was lots of fun. They led us to the Hammond bros. As you guys probably know, James lives in NJ where he is a vet and is married with a 3-yr old daughter, and John works at Wesleyan.

    We talked to quite a few other people as well. Here’s the lowdown:

    Karen Rupacz: Some sort of clinical psychologist type in the Philly area. She works with autistic and other challenged kids. Gary also lives down in Philly, where he manages a blockbuster and paints in his spare time. He wasn’t there.
    Carla Bober: Lives with her husband in Southington. He seems nice.
    April Vanasse: not sure, again, if I spelled that right. She has 3 kids! But you could never tell by looking at her. She took lots of pictures, which I think will be sent out evenutally.
    Ryan Kessler: Married to Kerri Lang. They live in Queens. Both of them are actors, and Ryan was just in a lead role in what I guess was in indie movie. He definitely looked the part! He also bought me a beer, so he’s still a nice guy.
    Nick Macri: In a band with Kevin Scott. Works on telephone things.
    Kevin Scott: In a band with Nick Macri (obviously). Says he has about 60 private music students near his place in Glastonbury. Their band is called “The Analog Reception” and the have a myspace page.
    Anthony Maros: Works for an insurance company. Saw the news about Mr. Adams’s nudism, so we talked about that.
    Chris Symington: a standup comedian and rock singer. In a band called Straddle Daddy with Erik Perley (who I unfortunately didn’t get to talk to).
    Kristen Kleeman: Opened a gym in Durham that seems to be doing well.
    Alicia Bethke: Still the nicest person in the world. Works for a clinical genetics lab (tests for cancer and whatnot).
    Rob McGivern: Apparently lives on his own and works in food service at Wesleyan. He was enjoying a beer when I got there!
    Erin Kearney (Carney? I can’t remember which): Works in college admissions in Mass. Lives in Northampton with her girlfriend, who is a dancer. She asked about all you guys.

    Others who were there that I didn’t get any substantial chance to talk to: Erik Perley, Jen Akerley, Amy King, Jeff Vinalek, Jamie Lester, Amity French, Ryan Kilroy, Sara Valerio, Katie Brayshaw, Heather Matusz, and probably others whom I’ve forgotten or missed. Oh, and lots of stray husbands. Only one wife that I saw, though.

    In general, everyone looked vaguely the same, maybe slightly more put-together but not really any older. A few of the guys had fairly trim beards. I was expecting the line from the movie “Grosse Point Blank” to be true: “It was as if they had all swelled”. But it really wasn’t – if anything, lots of people were even skinnier than in high school!

    I also told everyone about all of your exploits and plugged

    · Nov 25, 05:03 PM
  8. Iak responds with:

    Thanks for giving us the update Mr Pease. Hopefully they will have another reunion in the next twelve months and we’ll find out about it a little earlier.

    I can’t believe you and Bry were so spot on with your prediction for Kevin Scott. :-)

    · Nov 30, 05:50 PM
  9. Melissa Krug responds with:

    All of the above doesn’t amaze me. It almost sounds like they didn’t want anyone to come – also, they had it at a tiny place where you can only fit about prob the 40 people that went. I like a lot of the people mentioned but…like Tyler, I must agree, that part of my life is behind me. You guys are cool but…I can’t handle certain folks.

    · Dec 2, 04:34 PM
  10. Chris Symington responds with:

    Amazing what happens when you Google yourself in an attempt to see if you’re gaining headway in the entertainment business!!
    Not sure what page I’m even on but I recognize some names here…
    Just thought I’d take a minute to say hello, and tell everyone that it was nice to see you…those of you who could make it.
    I wasn’t going to go at first – had the old, “too cool for school” mentality..(actually I was thinking I wasn’t successful enough yet to have to explain that to everyone)..but I’m glad I was there.
    Well, thanks for the kind words…“Rock Singer” sounds far better than “struggling musician.”
    Keep in touch y’all…you can find Erik and I at StraddleDaddy – myspace.

    · Aug 14, 07:21 PM
  11. Charles "Chuck" Brodie responds with:

    Wierd what happens when you google other people.

    · Nov 2, 01:42 AM
  12. Lee Smith responds with:

    …..HAHAHA, agree. I think our class was awesome and don’t think there’s one person I didn’t like. ’97 was a great class and always enjoy bumping into anyone of us. Whether we were close back then or not we all spent alot of years with each other and tried to give common respect. I usually knew who wasnt in school that day even if he/she wasnt part of my routine. Hope to know about the next one myself, ~Semper Fi

    · May 17, 04:27 PM
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