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Shall we do something?

Dec 16, 10:23 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Hello fellow Mac users!

This Friday, Jess, Kieran, Jordan, Hajee, and I will be coming home for Christmas vacation. Yeay!! We will be in CT for approximately 5 days. Wanna get together? Here are the exact days we’ll be there:

Saturday, Dec. 22nd
Monday, Dec. 24th
Tuesday, Dec. 25th
Wednesday, Dec. 26th
Thursday, Dec. 27th

Obviously Christmas Day is out, and I’m pretty sure Christmas Eve is too. The 27th is my Dad’s birthday and we might be celebrating that, but that doesn’t mean you all can’t come help celebrate! So, the 22nd and 26th are ideal, and the 27th might work too.

Whadya think?

Love, Ty.

BTW, the Earl Grey Pale Ale and Kieran’s Stout will be making an appearance as well!


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  1. TyTy responds with:

    Wow, this is GoofyGuys’ 300th article! Happy 300th, everyone!!

    · Dec 16, 10:41 PM
  2. andy responds with:


    As much as we’d love to hang out, we’re on a pretty severe schedule for the holidays, so I don’t think we’ll make it. =( Our holiday looks like this:

    12/20: Fly to Midwest Band and Orchestra Conference in Chicago. Basically, I’ll be completely geeking out with a few thousand other band directors from all over the place. Awesome.
    12/22: Fly back to NYC.
    12/23: Drive to CT for “Pease on Earth” Christmas 2007
    12/26: Fly to Cleveland for Samols Christmas/New Years
    12/29: Drive to Detroit to hang with Lisa’s Filipino cousins for the actual New Year.
    1/1/08: Drive back to Cleveland, catch plane to CT, then drive back to NYC.
    1/2/08: Greet my wonderful students at 8:40am!

    Any of the rest of you guys free on the 23rd maybe? I’m glad we’ve mostly all seen each other recently, because this holiday season is way too busy!

    I still love my iMac. It took about 4 days to transfer all my files over our wireless network – it turns out I have 33 gigs of music! My concert band music alone took one long 9-hour session – my network gave out a couple times on other attempts, which I think confused the mac, but other than that everything has been fine. I LOVE iPhoto! It’s so much better than all my other PC photo programs… and I love the display on the iMac. It’s VERY detailed – my excel spreadsheets that used to take up my entire screen now only need the left third of the glorious mac display. And everything goes so fast… no more waiting around for 2 programs to load.

    But it isn’t perfect – I am going to need more memory for sure. Jimmy, where can I get this legendary RAM? I’ll start with another 1G card.

    Happy christmahanukwanzikah, boys!

    · Dec 16, 11:36 PM
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