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More pictures

Jan 16, 12:32 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Well there’s nothing else going on around here, so I might as well post some more pictures…

Here’s one of Kieran wearing a little outfit that used to be mine. If you click on it to see the bigger version, you can see that Jess is holding a picture of my mom holding me while I’m wearing it. That’s fun.

Here’s one of a tired family:

Here’s my cute baby on his five month birthday. (He’s seven months now, so you can see how far behind I am that I’m just dealing with these pictures now!)

Here’s Jake playing “Super Baby” with Kieran when we got together around Thanksgiving.

And here’s Andy and Lisa that same evening:

And this one’s just cute:

Tired Daddy and Baby at Christmastime:

Another cute one:

All of these (and more) are available at our Flickr account, including original sizes.

And lastly, here’s a video I shot of him last night after his bath. I’m sure only Jess and I (and maybe our parents) are the only ones who would enjoy sitting through all 4 minutes of this, but I’ll post it here anyway. Enjoy!


Comment [9]

  1. Tyler responds with:

    Totally unrelated, but worth posting… A coleague sent me a link to this video and I think it’s pretty neat-o.

    · Jan 18, 11:27 AM
  2. Jim responds with:

    Dude—I love the first one; that’s absolutely awesome!

    · Jan 25, 05:17 PM
  3. Tyler responds with:

    I’m intentionally being quiet to see if anyone else posts anything….

    Hint, hint…..

    · Feb 7, 10:42 AM
  4. Andy responds with:

    I’ve got one brewing, give it a few more minutes…

    · Feb 7, 03:02 PM
  5. Andy responds with:

    crap, I spoke too soon… I forgot my textpattern password, and so can’t post from school! How annoying.

    ANYHOW, here’s the short version: I love my new Mac. And recently I’ve also become a huge fan of Barack Obama. Well, someone at the New York Times thinks they have a lot in common! And yes, that means that Hillary Clinton would be a PC.

    Click for the article

    · Feb 7, 03:07 PM
  6. Tyler responds with:

    Interesting article. Would that make Mike Gravel (still technically in the race) Linux?

    I’ve been hearing whisperings on the radio lately about Ralph Nader… I SOOO hope that he’s learned from the last two elections. I’ll leave it at that.

    · Feb 8, 12:28 PM
  7. Iak responds with:

    Would you like me to reset your password Mr. Pease?

    · Feb 8, 01:36 PM
  8. andy responds with:

    yes…. my password needs a reset, since it’s also not saved on my mac. grumble…

    · Feb 8, 08:01 PM
  9. Iak responds with:

    That’s why I always tell you guys to not set your password to the name of your lover… When that many people pass through your bed it’s easy to forget a couple years later.

    · Feb 11, 10:17 AM
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