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We're putting the band back together.

Feb 27, 05:48 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Well I saw something a while ago that made me think of you guys. However it was something (especially after researching some more) that would be pretty ludicrous. But maybe when the technology improves…

eJamming: Skype for musicians

The idea is to let musicians practice together even when they can’t get together physically, or to let students and teachers work together remotely.

So the theory goes we could prepare for future weddings by rehearsing over the Internet. But as the article mentions without being able to see each other and the fact that costs money (per musician) it’s not a very practical solution.


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  1. andy responds with:

    Hooray for a pickled pollies (virtual) reunion!

    On the subject, I want to update, but my brand new mac doesn’t seem to have any web editing software that isn’t .mac specific, or otherwise alters my page layout in weird ways. I used to use microsoft frontpage (don’t shoot me!) Any suggestions from the mac whizzes about what I use now?

    · Feb 28, 12:26 AM
  2. Ty responds with:

    Wow, the eJamming thing looks cool. But like they mentioned in the article, you’d need video to really make it work. Not to mention a really fast network. We use iChat for video chatting, and there’s definitely a little delay. Not usually enough to disrupt the conversation, but definitely too much to play music over. Maybe by the Pollies’ 20th anniversary! (That’d be in what… 4 or 5 more years? Yikes!)

    As far as web editing software, I use Dreamweaver. It’s the industry standard WYSIWYG web editor. It’s made by Adobe, and isn’t cheap, but I think you could find an educator’s version for pretty cheap.

    Also, I know that iWeb can work for non-.Mac users. There are a few extra steps involved and I admittedly haven’t tried to go there, but I know it’s possible. Frankly, I think they should lower the price of .Mac significantly. $100 a year is just too darm much, considering all the free services out there like Flickr, Picassa, Blogger, YouTube, etc… First off, I think they should give you AT LEAST a year of free membership with the purchase of a Mac (two would be nicer) and then after those are up they could charge $20 a year, and that’d be fair.

    · Feb 28, 11:18 AM
  3. Andy responds with:

    See, I already have I don’t need a .mac membership, nor do I want one. When I try to start iWeb, it asks me to sign up for .mac, and then when I say no thanks, the program closes. I only do very basic stuff – I don’t think I need something as fancy as Dreamweaver. I just want to be able to update my existing pages. The only program that seems to even open them for editing is MS word, and with that the edits I make display incorrectly (e.g., fudged font sizes, absent pictures, mysteriously disappeared text). Isn’t there a basic web editor that I can use?

    · Feb 28, 02:26 PM
  4. Iak responds with:

    Well a problem with this is that I don’t use WYSIWYG editors. So I don’t really have a solid suggestion. I do however have a few possibilities you can try and and hopefully find something worthwhile (and free).

    I used to use Dreamweaver, but switched over to Coda when it came out since it offered almost all the same stuff, only without all the bloat. But even so, there are sadly tons of text editors out there that work well for manually creating sites.

    So what I’ve found in a little searching… Nvu used to be promising but they got to version 1.0 3 years ago and stopped development. So some irritated developers forked it into KompoZer. Amaya version 10 was literally just released by the W3C. Finally there’s Style Master which isn’t totally free but, “you can keep using it forever with some features turned off after that.”

    So I’d start with KompoZer and Amaya and see if they do what you need. And then check out the free demos of the paid applications just in case they’re worth your money.

    Hope that helps!

    · Feb 28, 03:15 PM
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