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This is it!

Mar 10, 02:47 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

It’s Monday morning, and I’m beginning my last week of work at 93 Octane. I’ve got a week to finish my projects, tie-up loose ends, and say my goodbyes. Then we’ll have approximately three days to haul-ass and pack up what’s left of the house, clean the hell out of it, and then officially begin the next phase of our lives.

I’ve got to admit that I’m a little scared. Moving in with your parents at this age is one thing. People do it all the time (Jake… Bryan….), and it’s considered commonplace these day. But moving in with them with your wife and child is another. I’ve heard horror stories. A married couple that we’re friends with did it a few years ago and it nearly ruined their marriage. But then, the parents (or in-laws) in that situation are psychopathic maniacs (or so our friend says) and I’d like to think Jess and I have a stronger marriage than they do. Still though, I know this is going to be a trying time.

Additionally, this is going to be a significant change in my career and working life, whatever happens. Here at my current company, I’ve got a pretty cushy job. I’ve got great bosses, usually a pretty light (or at least manageable) workload, and my commute is a whopping 12 minutes. I’m thinking most of that will change now. I’m crossing my fingers for this place called Alexander Isley, Inc, which would be a dream job. The place is in Redding (so my commute would be equally as short!) and it’s one of the better design firms in the country. I’ve got an interview with them next week. Check out the website. But another option would be Weekly Reader. I actually have a standing job offer there, so that’s great. But it’d probably be a slight step backwards for me in terms of my capabilities and experience level. It’d be a step back in terms of salary too. And it’d be a 45-minute commute. But it’s something. And then there’s Aquent, a creative staffing agency. I got my start with Aquent at Capital One, and that could potentially be something. But it’s essentially temp-work, and would carry the least amount of job security. Plus, most of their clients are in Westchester County New York, and would carry a hefty commute. :(

Yes, this move will be a major life-changing event. But I’m trying to be as positive as possible about it. This is what we need to do in order to get back to our friends (yeay!!) and family. It’s what we must do in order to get our finances under control and save for a house (with goats). Change is good. Right? (right?)

Anywho, I call for a Welcome Home party. I don’t want to put a date on it yet, but we should plan on getting together in the new few weeks. We’ll give you a tour of our new subterranean home, we’ll cook on the grill, and we’ll have some beers. It’ll be grand.

Here we come…....


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  1. Ty responds with:

    Somewhat unrelated, but I just wanted to say how much I LOVE when Daylight Saving time begins. The day that we “Spring Forward” ought to be a national holiday, in my opinion. It’s the first day of spring, in my book. Yesterday, I cooked on the grill and enjoyed the sunlight in the backyard after work. It’s so depressing in the winter to get out of work and it’s already dark out, or at least getting dark.

    Of course, spring comes a good month or so earlier here in Virginia than it does up North. We’ve already got daffodils, and blooming dogwoods and cherry trees. I mowed the lawn for the first time after the winter just the other day. It was refreshing. That’s one of the things I’ll miss most about this place… the short winters, the early springs, and looooong summers. When we first moved down to Virginia almost 6 years ago, someone jokingly told us that there are two seasons in Virginia: Summer, and Christmas. I’m gonna miss that.

    · Mar 11, 01:34 PM
  2. Andy responds with:

    Woohoo! It’ll be sooo nice to have you guys back up north. This is earlier than I think you’d originally said you would come, isn’t it? Anyhow, good luck on the job hunt. I’m sure you’ll find something great.

    I’m frankly quite shocked that you’re at all concerned about your marriage! You guys seem to exist together so naturally and effortlessly, I can’t imagine any strain coming between you, especially knowing your parents. Living with your parents can be done. My friends James and Sarah have lived in her parents’ basement for years, and have had no problems at all.

    I’m all for a welcome home party. Just don’t have it on April 4 (tentatively my birthday party, to which you’re all invited) or April 25 (tentatively a huge blowout in NYC for Dan’s 21st birthday, to which you’re all invited). I look forward to burgers and brews in your new digs, especially if your homebrews will be there!

    DEFINITELY let us know you need any help with the move!

    · Mar 11, 01:56 PM
  3. Ty responds with:

    Thanks! We’re probably going to be unloading the truck on a weekday, so I doubt you’ll be available anyway. But I appreciate the offer!

    And don’t worry, I’m not questioning the strength of our marriage at all. I just know that this is probably going to test it a little. But I’m really glad to hear about your friends’ success in living with their parents… that’s a relief to hear that it worked out well for them. As I mentioned, I’ve only heard horror stories. But it’s true— we’re different people.

    I unfortunately won’t have any homebrews for this coming party (whenever it is). I decided I didn’t want to move any homebrews, so I’ve been on a quest to finish them all off before the move, both by myself and by sharing them with friends. I haven’t BOUGHT any beer in weeks! But my dad’s got a lot of homebrews, and his are GOOOOD.

    And I’ll definitely be down with one or both of the parties you mentioned. Yeay!

    · Mar 11, 02:48 PM
  4. Andy responds with:

    Actually, I have next Thursday and Friday (3/20 and 3/21) off from school, and not much to do wednesday evening 3/19 either. =) But I’ve gotta be back in the city all that weekend – Lisa’s parents will be in town!!

    I’m sad that I’ll miss the Nevins (jr.) homebrews. Have a couple (cases) for me!

    · Mar 11, 05:36 PM
  5. Iak responds with:

    Woo hoo! This is gonna be sweet. Outside Yimmy we’ll all be in the North East. :-)

    I don’t imagine living with your parents to be an issue. It’ll take some getting used to but your parents are easy going and loving.

    Good luck getting the job with Alexander Isley. I wish I could ride a bike to work on nice days.

    I’m in for a welcome home party. :D

    · Mar 12, 12:45 PM
  6. Iak responds with:

    Oh, and I marked April 4th on my calendar Mr Pease.

    · Mar 12, 12:49 PM
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