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Two great NPR stories

May 16, 03:35 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Now that I commute two hours each day, I listen to a LOT of NPR lately. And recently there’s been a lot of bad news in the world. Between the earthquake in China, to the cyclone in Myanmar, to the tornadoes in the US, a lot of what I hear on NPR has been pretty grim.

So I thought I’d share these two entertaining clips I heard on my drive home yesterday.

The first is about a young woman who sings and plays the upright bass. She’s pretty awesome. Listen to the interview here.

And the other is a funny commentary on the soaring cost of beer.



Comment [2]

  1. andy responds with:

    Awesome finds. I too love my NPR – the drive to Hofstra gives me a big heaping dose of it, and I always catch morning edition and all things considered even on my regular commute. I even just donated to the pledge drive… I was lured in by the new cast recording of “South Pacific”.

    The earthquake coverage has been absolutely heartbreaking. On Wednesday I almost burst into tears multiple times listening to Melissa Block follow a couple trying – unsuccessfully – to pull their son and in-laws out of a wrecked building. Moments later, I was jubilant at the news that John Edwards had endorsed Barack Obama. Such is the emotional roller coaster of NPR!

    Do you get WNYC where you are, or is it a different station?

    · May 16, 06:21 PM
  2. Ty responds with:

    My two stations are WNPR and WSHU. I haven’t tried to find WNYC, but maybe I’ll try tonight.

    I too was happy about the Edwards endorsement, but mostly I just want this whole primary thing to be over! Yeesh!

    · May 20, 01:36 PM
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