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School's out for summer!

Jun 28, 05:19 PM · from the mouth of Andy

Yesterday was my last day of school! Yes, they go to the BITTER END of June in New York State, but now I have 2 solid months off. I’ve been thinking about what to do with myself, and here are 10 things I’ve come up with.

1. GO ON A NEW YORK BEER ADVENTURE. This is an easy one, actually. Fairway, my local grocery store, has just added 42 beers to its already impressive collection. AND they keep most of them in their special cold room, which Jim and Sarah have seen. Some that I’m definitely going to look at are new additions by Southern Tier (you may remember them for the Pum-King that made us all foam at the mouth for more) and Dale’s Pale Ale, which was chosen as a favorite in the NY Times article about American Pale Ales last year, despite coming in a can! Plus there are several other beer-themed establishments around the city that I still have to check out. And I could use some company, so if any of you guys want to come down to the city and come on one of these OR suggest an adventure location in CT or elsewhere, just let me know. I’m actually thinking of inviting my friend Bill on this, so we can call it “Bill and Andy’s Excellent Beer Adventure”. Whoa.

2. SEE RADIOHEAD LIVE. Radiohead is playing at the All Points West festival in New Jersey. Tickets are $89 plus $20 for the ferry to get there, and they’re only still available for August 8th, which is a Friday. But there will be several bands there all told, and it’s RADIOHEAD!!! Besides, I’m on summer vacation, so I can do it! Any of you guys interested in taking a day off to join me?

3. WRITE A NEW SONG. My iMac has garage band, and I have some time, so why not add to the Pickled Pollies ouvre? If I do some basic tracks on garage band, you guys can add to it. Right? RIGHT?

4. UPDATE ANDYPEASE.COM. Actually I already did this today, but I still think it needs work. Take a look: any suggestions from you design fiends out there?

5. HANG OUT IN CONNECTICUT. For your sake. The only problem is, gas is expensive, even when your car gets 35 MPG on the highway. But I still intend to make a point of going to CT at least once or twice for a couple days at a time.

6. TAKE A GRADUATE CLASS. I’ve been doing way too many of these, but this will be just one. I swear! Only 4 more to go and I have another masters degree, so if I space it out, one per semester starting this summer, I’m done NEXT summer!

7. GO TO CLEVELAND. I have little choice here – one of Lisa’s friends is getting married, and she’s in the wedding. Damn flying is a lot more expensive than it used to be. On the bright side, the wedding should be fun, and Cleveland has one of the world’s greatest brew pubs: Great Lakes Brewery.

8. PLAY SOME CONCERTS. Obvious, since I have my summer band, Columbia Summer Winds. This year, for the first time, I have three other conductor underlings, so I get to spend almost half my time playing my trumpet, which I’ve missed a lot these last few years. Anyhow, check us out!


10. WHATEVER YOU TELL ME TO DO. What should I do?! Give me a random assignment and I’ll do it. Be creative!

So, wanna see Radiohead? Wanna go on a beer adventure? Wanna hang out sometime? Wanna make me do crazy stuff? Hit me with some comments!


Comment [6]

  1. andy responds with:



    <more silence>


    Would it help if I mentioned I was coming to CT next Friday (the 11th), and possibly again the following Saturday (the 19th)?

    No comments? Not even snarky ones? I miss you guys…

    · Jul 6, 03:11 PM
  2. Iak responds with:

    Well that does help a bit. Not sure about this weekend but the 19th I’m supposed to be up in Boston.

    Though my parents are leaving this weekend so we can trash my house. ;-)

    · Jul 7, 01:10 PM
  3. Sarahmonster responds with:

    O HAI!

    Well, I’ll try to help with #9 as much as I can, but I don’t know if Jimmy will get around to writing that post. But, as Tyty pointed out, we kept a blog and you can read LOTS of details there!

    Aaaand you should leave comments because it is sad without them.

    And, we are continuing to work on the studio. Our goal is 100 seniors this season. Last year we photographed 44. We’ve already booked 30 (15 of those have been photographed). The bulk of them call in August/September. Cross your fingers so Jimmy can pay the mortgage!! (My salary doesn’t even cover that… it pays student loans and car and food and that’s about it… sad eh?)

    Jimmy says he loves you. I might be jealous.

    · Jul 8, 03:53 AM
  4. TyTy responds with:

    OMG! I can’t believe I’ve missed so much Goofy activity! I haven’t checked The Goof in ages! Been on vacation and working too much. I’m gonna keep this short for now because I’m writing from my new iPhone 3G (which I stood on line for 5 HOURS to get today!!!) But a beer feet and a Radiohead rest both sound awesome, as does plenty of hanging out, in both CT & NY.

    I’ll reply later from a real computer. I miss you guys too! Love,Ty.

    · Jul 11, 11:28 PM
  5. Ty responds with:

    Eeek! I’m at a real computer now, and see that the automatic word suggestions on the iPhone can get in the way a little bit… See above for “beer feet” and “Radiohead rest.” (The word I was looking for in both cases was “fest”.)

    Anyway, as I mentioned, I would be very much in favor of a New York beer extravaganza. I’ve been trying to get Jess to go to The City with me for a while, and this might be a good opportunity to do that (plus possibly get a DD for us in the process!)

    (By the way, I’m about to brew my next batch of beer, my first since the move. It’s going to be some kind of Irish Stout, but I’m trying to brainstorm some ways to make it a little more interesting, such as adding espresso, or hazelnut extract, or even something more exotic/unusual like lavender flowers. I’ll let you know what I decide!)

    The Radiohead concert sounds great! It just so happens that it falls on the same night as a Martin Sexton concert I’m trying to go to on Martha’s Vineyard, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. So for now I’m going to remain interested, but uncommitted.

    I do want to come see one of your concerts sometime Andy!

    NEW PICKLED POLLIES SONG!!! YES!!! I’m very much in favor of this idea. I’m convinced that once you get into Garage Band, you’ll fall in love! I did! I don’t really have time anymore to work with it, but if you start a project and leave a little room for me to add to it, I’ll gladly make time!!

    Oh, and something else I’d be interested in doing this summer is checking out the Storm King sculpture park, if you’re interested in doing that again!

    - – -

    So yeah, the iPhone experience was nuts. I have been lusting after the new iPhone since before it was even announced, simply based on internet speculation. Then last month my cell phone serendipitously died, and Jess agreed that I should get one. So I got myself all psyched up for it, and like the fanboy that I am, showed up at the Apple store at 8am on Friday for the launch of the iPhone. Apparently, about 2,000 other people had the same idea, and showed up much earlier than me, because when I got there the line was about a 1/4 mile long (not exaggerating!). When I saw the line, I knew there’d obviously be a wait, but I thought it couldn’t be that bad, and so I toughed it out. Silly me. Because Apple was activating people’s phones and new AT&T contracts IN-STORE, the process took forever! 5 hours later, I walked out of the store with my shiny white 16-gig iPhone… happy to have it, but definitely jaded by the whole experience. It was truly a spectacle of American consumerism, and I was unfortunately a part of it. I could’ve waited a couple of days and avoided the whole thing, but oh well. I love my new toy anyway.

    Here’s a picture I took with the iPhone of Kieran on my parent’s sailboat this weekend:

    · Jul 14, 06:14 PM
  6. Sarahmonster responds with:


    · Jul 18, 03:08 AM
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