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Aug 26, 12:29 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

As long as I’m here commenting on Jake’s posting, I’ll update you guys to some minor news in my life and a personal conviction that’s been reinforced as a result…

The other day, as we were leaving for Jess’s Triathlon, we had a minor accident on Route 7 in Ridgefield. We were driving along, and suddenly one of the cars traveling in the opposite direction lost a tire. It literally popped off his car while he was driving it — rim and all! It rolled into our lane, I swerved and braked to avoid it, but ended up hitting it any way. The tire went careening through the air and flew over an embankment, never to be seen again. We hit the guard rail while trying to avoid it. Everyone was fine, and the damage was minimal. Just a little damage to the front bumper where we hit the tire, and the fender was a little banged up from hitting the guard rail.

So now a week later, I’m getting it all fixed. The other guy’s insurance is covering it of course, along with the cost of a rental car. So today I drove a bright red 2008 Dodge Caliber to work.

It’s the newest car I’ve ever driven, and it’s pretty sexy! But, dang! As nice as it is, I can tell after an hour of driving it that this is NOT the car for me. Despite that it looks relatively small compared to some of the monsters out there, it still FEELS big. And HEAVY! I could literally feel the gas being sucked away as I accelerated. According to Dodge, it gets 23/27 MPG (city/highway, respectively), which isn’t horrible, but it’s certainly not what I’d call gas efficient, either.

I’d love to get a Prius as my next car. They’re both sexy AND more fuel efficient, at around 45mpg highway. Hopefully it’ll be a while before I need a new car though. Ever since Jess’s third trimester with Kieran, we’ve switched cars because at the time she had trouble getting in and out of her little Saturn. Then it turned out that our car seat fit better in the CR-V, and the Saturn just made more sense for me to commute in. Both cars are 97s, and aren’t getting any younger. But so far they’re still running fine, and hopefully will continue to run for at least another year or two. But when it finally comes time for a new commuter car for me, I’ve got my eye on the Prius.

By the way, while searching for the Prius online, I found a really funny blog called Stuff White People Like. I found it because there was an entry on the Prius, but the whole blog is pretty funny. It’s written by a (white) guy from Canada, who apparently landed a book deal based on the blog after only a month and a half of the blog being up. But I digress….

I also like the looks of the new VW Jetta TDI Clean Diesel. It’s sexy and fairly fuel efficient, using 29/40 mpg.

But my Dad dares to dream even bigger. He’s been talking a lot about the Volkswagen 1L, and after seeing this, you will be too. The name of the car, 1L, stands for One Liter, and the thing gets 100 kilometers per liter of fuel, or 235 mpg. No, I didn’t mistype that. 235 miles per gallon. It’s a two-seater, but the passenger rides behind the driver, like a tandem bicycle. Here’s a link to its Wikipedia page, which is definitely worth a read, and here’s a link to an article with a lot of nice photos. Definitely check both out. It looks like a rocketship on wheels. In fact it sort of looks like something James Bond would have driven in one of the old movies from the 60’s. The 1L is supposedly going into production in 2010, though I’m not sure how many we’ll see in this country.

Finally, semi-related, Toyota has come up with a gadget similar to Segway personal transportation vehicle, called the Winglet. I don’t really see these things catching on, but they do look pretty cool. I would want the medium one, thought the video doesn’t actually show the small in action.


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  1. andy responds with:

    That 1L looks amazing. 235 MPG – damn! It would be amazing even just to get 100 MPG, and Volkswagen more than doubled it. I hope people start to buy it in droves so that other car companies will follow suit.

    I was THIS CLOSE <> to getting a Prius when I had to replace my car recently. I wanted it so badly… the fuel efficiency factor was a huge consideration for me. But ultimately it proved to be just too expensve at over 22K. So I got the Honda Fit instead. It is a bit of a wonder – it fits into tiny parking spaces. It gets 33 MPG (not 235, but as close as I could afford!) all around. It has a surprisingly roomy interior, such that my entire tall family fits in it, even in the back seats! And, if you fold the seats down, it has enough cargo space for 70 folding chairs! Yes, I actually did fit 70 folding chairs into it one weekend this summer. And it was a lot cheaper than the Prius as well, on top of also being a Honda, meaning it’ll be just as reliable as a Prius. (And notice how many times I said “fit” in that paragraph – I swear I wasn’t trying! It really does live up to its name.) EVEN BETTER, last I heard they were working on a hybrid version for 2010 or 2011, so it should become even more fuel efficient!

    Wow, excuse me if I came on like a Honda salesman. Tyty gave me a nice excuse to talk about my car!

    · Sep 3, 12:46 AM
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