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Richard Wright : 1943 - 2008

Sep 16, 12:12 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Oh boy. This is sad. I just found out literally two minutes ago, but I have to post. Richard Wright, keyboardist, pianist, singer, and songwriter of Pink Floyd died yesterday. Apparently he died after a short battle with cancer.

Oh guys, I’m devastated. I always hung onto this tiny little sparkle of hope that I’d get to see Pink Floyd play. I’ve seen Roger Waters twice, and those were great shows, but I REALLY hoped that the guys would come together and tour again.

Richard Wright was such a great pianist. His work on Dark Side of the Moon is genius.

Dave Gilmour has a nice tribute to him on his website.

Roger Waters has a simple image of candles on his site.

A lovely tribute I found linked from Wikipedia


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  1. andy responds with:

    I share your sadness, Ty. I just did a whole bunch of reading up on Pink Floyd as I passed through nearly their entire ouvre on my iTunes quest (more on that in my next comment). That was about a month ago, and it really seemed then like they were still at least vaguely thinking about getting together, and there was no indication that Wright was in poor health. So this is a stunner: Pink Floyd as we know it has ZERO chance of ever existing, ever again. And it sounds like Richard Wright was the nice one, sort of caught in the middle of the Gilmour-Waters feud. It’s a shame he has to be the first to go.

    He wrote Great Gig in the Sky, possibly the best part of Dark Side, and a truly great piece of music in all history. I hope he is remembered well!

    · Sep 20, 05:39 PM
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