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Oct 8, 07:08 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

It’s hard to see obviously, but the large egg shaped black thing is the womb, and the doodad inside is the baby (er, embryo). The little spot next to that is the yolk sac. Cool… humans have yolks.

So yeah. That’s our news. Pretty cool, huh? Further confirmation that my boys can definitely swim. Due date is approximately May 9th. Cheers!


Comment [2]

  1. andy responds with:

    Dude! Well now we know the secret to Ty & Jess’s happiness: he brews beer while she brews babies. And I guess we also know what they’ve been doing with Tyty’s extra days off…

    Hot damn. What type of beer will brew for it? Will Kieran be CRAZY jealous?

    · Oct 8, 08:08 PM
  2. Iak responds with:

    Haha, brewing babies… Congratulations Ty and Jess!

    · Oct 9, 12:29 PM
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