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Nikon D2X

Sep 16, 12:39 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Sorry Yimmy, This isn’t exactly what you wanted, but maybe it’s foreshadowing… Either way it looks pretty nice of a camera, just’ll be in 5-6 thousand range…



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  1. Jim responds with:

    Yep, those bastards… looks like the F6 is going to become the D200… so, it’ll be interesting to see if Nikon’s waiting until the 27th to announce it or (most likely) if they’re going to announce it at PMA in Feb. of next year.

    Dumbasses. Canon’s gonna get the market again with the 20D, just like with the 300D. Based on the technology in the F6, the D200 will probably be a better camera than the 20D (by a small amount) – just as the D70 is technically a better camera than the 300D. But once again, Canon has produced a capable competitor, 6 months earlier. When’s Nikon gonna wake up and realize that business not only runs on good engineering, but good advertising and speed to market.

    Now the question is: if they don’t announce on the 27th, do I totally hold true to Nikon and patiently wait, or do I lose thousands in my current investment into Nikon and go to the dark side? I’m thinking that buying a D70 for the time being might be the right route. It’s a great camera and it would get me happily through anything that I need to do during the winter.

    · Sep 16, 06:44 PM
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