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Doctor, I think he's got a pulse...

Feb 9, 01:07 PM · from the mouth of Tyler

Goofy Guys is NOT dead. But it has been gasping for air, struggling for life, hanging on by a thread, or whatever stupid metaphor you want to use. Or maybe it’s just been in hibernation! It HAS been a particularly rough winter so far. Punxsutawney Phil did in fact see his shadow last week, predicting another 6 weeks of winter. But hey, even HE has an active website, so we Goofy Guys have no excuse but to come out of our holes as well.

Okay, enough silliness. I just though The Goof needed a jump start. We need to start posing again. Otherwise Andy will continue to sit despondently in front of his iMac, hitting “refresh” over and over, but to no avail. (Sorry, more silliness.) We needn’t post anything epic or Bloggie nominated. Just keep this Goofy aging Guy alive.

I’ll start. Here’s a video of Kieran at his toddler class at the Y! Be sure to watch the following videos in High Quality for best effect.

And here’s a slideshow I made using pictures of Kieran from late summer through early winter. I made this using Animoto, which is a really cool web service that turns your photos into dynamic slideshow videos. You should check it out! I noticed Jimmy and Sarah have already started using it for their business!


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  1. Ty responds with:

    Also, for your viewing pleasure, I finally get around to uploading my photos from my trip to France. Here’s a link.

    South of France, January 2009
    · Feb 9, 03:52 PM
  2. Ty responds with:

    Huh. I can’t make the above image load correctly without skewing it. I just inserted the address between two exclamation marks, like I always have. I’ve never seen this problem before.


    · Feb 9, 04:57 PM
  3. Iak responds with:

    Sorry about that. I mistyped something in the CSS. All fixed now. :-)

    Andy can start hitting refresh again.

    · Feb 10, 10:18 AM
  4. Ty responds with:

    Oh Jake, I meant to thank you for the DVD… unfortunately I left it at Andy’s house!! After you gave it to me, I put it on the chair in that little room where we had been sitting before the cake, thinking we’d go back in there. But alas, we never did, and I forgot. :(

    But I appreciate the gesture!

    · Feb 11, 02:21 PM
  5. andy responds with:

    Very nice photos Tyty. Where exactly did you go? Obviously somewhere in the South by the sea, but I crave more details! Am I right that it was Beaulieu Sur Mer? The Google maps images of it alone make it look stunning. What were you there for? Where else did you go?

    Unfortunately youtube still is blocked at my school, so I can’t do that stuff until I get home. But I promise to contribute more now that I’ve figured out why I couldn’t comment.

    · Feb 11, 05:25 PM
  6. Ty responds with:

    Yes, Beaulieu Sur Mer is correct. It’s this amazing little village on the Southern French coast of the Mediterranean at the base of the Maritime Alps. As you can see from some of my photos, there’s a huge rock face behind the town, as though the Alps just broke off into the sea at some point from the shifting of the continents. Here’s a photo example:

    You can see the town just above the palm trees, at the base of those immense cliffs.

    Monaco is an amazing city just 15 minutes to the east, a principality all it’s own. That means it’s not technically part of France, though I’m not sure if it’s technically a country either. That’s where the famous actress Grace Kelly married the prince and became “Princess Grace”. She’s buried in the church there. Here’s a photo of Monaco (click for a bigger view):

    We also went to Ventimiglia, which is the first town in Italy over the border from France. It was just a 30 minute train ride from us. It’s funny to go just a few stops on the train, and suddenly everyone’s speaking Italian rather than French (not that I understand either). I didn’t take as many photos there, but here’s a shot of the most Prosciutto I’ve ever seen in my life!

    We also went to Nice (pronounced Neese), the 4th biggest city in France. It’s got this really amazing boardwalk on the shore that stretches on for miles! And the water is SO blue (as you can see):

    Anyway, the trip was sort of last minute for me. My grandmother (dad’s side) is French as most of you remember, and she goes to France every year, and has for many years. Since my grandfather died last year, she didn’t want to go alone, so my dad and I went with her and stayed for about 10 days. We flew with buddy passes from my uncle and cousin, so we flew first class! Let me tell you— 1st class on an international flight is AWESOME!! They serve you Champagne the minute you get on board, and the luxuries keep coming.

    The climate down there on the Mediterranean is really interesting. It was cool, so we still had to wear coats, but never gets down near freezing, so palm trees, orange trees, and olive trees grow wild! It was really great!

    · Feb 11, 07:14 PM
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